Research permit

A research permit is always required if the research subjects are the employees, students, representatives or members of Jamk. A research permit is also required for research projects that require the disclosure of information pertaining to Jamk University of Applied Sciences or its staff and students.

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Priority is given to extensive national surveys and studies, as well as research concerning the entire university of applied sciences. The research must benefit Jamk University of Applied Sciences, and it should be conducted in collaboration with the Jamk University of Applied Sciences staff.

When must a research permit be applied for?

  • If the research subjects are the employees, students, representatives or members of Jamk (regardless of the research method)
  • When data from Jamk’s personal data file is requested
  • When using Jamk´s archive materials for research purposes
  • When using materials produced by a student for research purposes (no permit is required for Jamk’s internal development work)
  • Jamk's internal development work does not require a permit if it does not involve other research activities (e.g. publications).
  • If the research is related to an external funding project to which Jamk has already committed, please contact us before applying for a possible research permit. In principle, commitment to research is made when Jamk is committed to the project.

With regard to the staff, only work e-mail addresses will be disclosed, or the survey will be organised via the staff Intranet.

With regard to students, we recommend that the survey will be organised via Jamk’s web-based learning environment (Moodle) or student Intranet. Otherwise only the contact information of students who have permitted the disclosure of their information for research purposes in the basic details of the student administration system will be disclosed.

The procedure instructions for granting a research permit are based on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life.

The processing time of the application is approximately two to three weeks.

Note! If you do not do a thesis at Jamk and you might need a research permit, please contact us first using the form at the bottom of the page. 

Rules concerning the research permit

The research permit applicant must commit to the following rules:

  1. The research permit applicant commits to processing and storing the information received carefully and in compliance with valid laws, regulations, instructions from the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity and Jamk’s rules concerning the research permit.
  2. The information received may only be used for the purposes stated in the application and its appendices.
  3. The information may not be disclosed or resold. Transferring personal data outside the EU and the EEA is not allowed without the data subject’s consent.
  4. Information may not be transferred or processed in an open network, e.g. by e-mail.
  5. Information may not be used to the detriment of the data subject or Jamk University of Applied Sciences.
  6. The conductors of the research are to take care of sufficient information provision to the research participants, access rights and other research-related agreements. The conductor of the research is to ensure that the data subject’s rights are fulfilled.
  7. Any identifiable information received is to be stored no longer than necessary. Personal data may only be stored for as long as is necessary for carrying out the processing. The applicant is responsible for deleting the personal data after the basis for the processing expires. The applicant commits to deleting any identifiable information received from the data file in a secure manner immediately after the research has been completed.
  8. The conductor of the research is to take care of their own data safety, passwords and user management. The conductor of the research is also to ensure that the technical and organisational procedures meet the requirements set for processing personal data.
  9. Any privacy violations and misuse must be reported to Jamk University of Applied Sciences without delay.
  10. The applicant(s) shall be independently responsible for any damage and compensation for damages to external parties.
  11. The applicant(s) shall notify the grantor of the research permit if the research is suspended.

Fees collected

  • No fee will be collected from JAMK students for the disclosure of information needed in study-related surveys and studies (theses).
  • No fee will be collected from JAMK staff members for the disclosure of information needed in project-related surveys and studies.
  • Otherwise disclosure of JAMK’s information based on the research permit application is subject to a fee, , unless otherwise agreed. The hourly rate is 50 euros, but at least 150 euros. Please contact us first for more details.

Research permit applications

Research permit applications and appendices required for the applications.

Research permit for research concerning Jamk staff and/or students

Appendices required for the application:

  • Approved research plan (obligatory)
  • Data management plan (obligatory)
  • Ethical review: attached to the application if carried out. Read the instructions from the intranet.
  • Scientific research privacy statement: obligatory if a personal data-based research file is formed or disclosure of data from Jamk’s personal data file is requested. Read the instructions and download the template from Jamk's intranet.
  • Data protection impact assessment (DPIA): obligatory if the research involves processing (sensitive) personal data belonging to special categories of personal data or if the research subjects cannot be informed directly of the processing of personal data for some reason, e.g. due to the large number of research subjects in a register-based study.

Research permit application (Word)

Research permit for a Jamk student’s thesis (bachelor’s/master’s degree)

Appendices required for the application:

Research permit application (Word)

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