Central Finland's center of expertise in esports

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Project type
Development project
Focus area
Innovative Learning
Implementation time
1.2.2023 - 30.4.2025
Project unit
School of Business
Financing program
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2021-2027
Project description
Central Finland has potential to be a locally, nationally and internationally known esports province. Key economic operators in the esports sector, research and educational institutions, excellence and existing facilities have so far been utilized to a rather limited extent and the activity has been left to individual experiments. The operating environment and structures of esports in Central Finland are also still very fragmented. The regional development of esports requires organized, coordinated and regular network activities, which provide versatile and comprehensive services to operators interested in esports throughout the province. This need is answered with the Central Finland's center of expertise in esports -project.

The main goal is to create a center of expertise that brings together key actors, which can be used to develop and increase esports-related know-how, business conditions and R&D together with research and educational institutions and the business in order to accelerate the growth of the esports industry. In the project an operating model and principles will be created for the center of expertise in esports. Main functions of the center of expertise in esports are networking and events and an open website, which gathers all the esports operators in Central Finland together with descriptions of their activities and services. In addition, the center of expertise in esports;
  • increases Central Finland's expertise and know-how in esports industry, as well as cooperation between the business and research and educational institutions, and RDI activities
  • improves the business conditions related to esports and the cooperation with the business in order to accelerate the growth of the industry
  • activates esports operators and those interested in it through networking, events, website and visibility, and above all
  • secures the development of esports expertise and business in Central Finland, as well as the operating conditions of key operators in the field in the province.
The project is implemented by using three work packages:
WP1 Strengthening esports expertise in Central Finland
WP2 An attractiveness factor of the experimental environments of esports in Central Finland
WP3 Promoting cooperation between business and research related to esports in the Central Finland region and increasing knowledge.

In order to achieve the goals, the project includes systematic, cross-cutting and continuous communication, which promotes the effectiveness and visibility of the esports industry in Central Finland both during and after the project. The communicative goal and effectiveness are implemented, for example, by creating a website that will also remain in use after the project and by producing social media content about events and opportunities.

The long-term goal of the center of expertise in esports is that Central Finland will be the most competent and attractive esports innovation and experimentation environment in the future. Including, for example, the joint new bold experiments of the research and business field of esports, the continuous development of the skills of different actors, the proactive identification of new business, investment and financing opportunities, and the creation of completely new jobs and innovative products.

The project implements Central Finland's smart specialization strategy and the top priorities for growth, especially the goal of advanced digital skills and the province's strong sports and sports profile.

The project is implemented by the Jamk University of Applied Sciences (main implementer), the University of Jyväskylä, the Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia and Finnish institute of high performance sport KIHU February 1, 2023-April 30, 2025 in cooperation with R&D operators linked to and focused on esports in Central Finland, as well as SMEs operating in the region.

More information:
Tuomas Rauhansalo
Project manager
+358 50 597 5473

Funding Program: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Funding Authority: Regional Council of Central Finland

JAMK - Total funding: €239,492, of which ERDF funding is €191,593.