Blogi 2 Team Netherland: Pilot five: here we come!

Revalidatie Friesland is a healthcare organization based in the North of the Netherlands, and specialized in rehabilitation care.

At the end of June this year we said goodbye to the interns that took part in pilot 4 from at the student learning ward. We look back on a dynamic and enthusiastic group. This group started last February and consisted of twelve students from various backgrounds ranging in health and social care. After a short period of observing the professionals from all disciplines the students were in the lead and the professionals had to step back.

Important learnings

There was space for the creative ideas and innovations of the students. The students were coached by the professional but even more by each other on a very positive note. They have created a few changes and came up with several suggestions:

  • ‘Farewell notebook’: this is a notebook for the patient allowing them to pay more attention to the moment they will be leaving the clinic.
  • Study the possibility and the whish to involve the patient in the team meetings.
  • Investigate how to involve the patient in making their own goals.
  • Look into how to improve the so called ‘exit interviews’ .
  • Explore how the dietitian and speech languages pathologist work together
  • Improve the application procedure to create a more interprofessional focus from the start.
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The figure above shows a spider (in Dutch) made by the student to summarize their experiences. As you can see interprofessional working is in the centre. Some other remarks are: interventions from other domains, dare to step into the unknown, trust your colleagues and be pro-active.

Next steps

Currently we are preparing for the fifth pilot in which we use the evaluation of pilot four and the practical preparation for the start of the academic year in September. We look forward to start with a fresh new group of student and to start with the first pilot for INPRO.

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