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English-language degree programmes attract applicants

The popularity of English-language degree programmes continues. A total of approximately 18,000 applications were submitted to Jamk University of Applied Sciences. That is several dozen times more than the available study places.

Talvivaatteisiin pukeutuneet opiskelijat katsovat puhelinta lumisessa maisemassa

A total of 18,216 applications were submitted to Jamk University of Applied Sciences in the first joint application round 3–17 January 2024. This year, the most popular bachelor-level degree programme was the Business Information Technology degree programme focusing on the game industry, for which the number of applications submitted was approximately 147 times higher than the number of study places. The appeal of AI expertise is shown in the Master Degree programmes: approximately 50 applications were submitted for the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics programme per study place.

A total of 13,434 applications were submitted for Bachelor-level studies, which is more than 50 applications for each starting place. A total of 4782 applications were submitted for master's level education, which is almost a thousand applications more than in the previous year. On average, there were about 28 times as many applicants for master's level studies as there were available study places.

The popularity of English-language degree programmes at Jamk has been growing in recent years. The peak year was last year, when more than 20,000 applications were submitted. This year's total number of applications is still remarkably high compared to, for example, the years before the pandemic. On average, approximately 43 applications were submitted for one starting place at Jamk this year.

"Jamk has once again proven to be a very attractive higher education institution internationally. However, we need joint action by the entire region so that foreign students can integrate here and have a meaningful career path in Central Finland. At Jamk, we actively support the development of Finnish language skills and help students create networks," says Minna-Maaria Hiekkataipale, Vice Rector for Education at Jamk.

"I challenge companies in the region to offer foreign students internships and support their opportunities for employment after graduation. Far too many students are now forced to leave Finland because finding employment here is difficult. Together, we can change this for the better."

The figures for each degree programme are shown in the table below. The figures are provisional and subject to change at the time of the final revision.

Bachelor-level degree programmes

Degree Programme Starting places
Applications / starting place
Automation and Robotics 20 897 44,85
Business Information Technology 30 4420 147,33
Information and Communication Technology 50 2754 55,08
International Business 50 1305 26,1
Nursing 40 2077 51,93
Purchasing and Logistics Engineering 20 334 16,7
Tourism Management 40 1647 41,18
Total 250 13434 53,74

*Figures are preliminary and subject to change.

Master's level degree programmes

Degree Programme Starting places
Applications / starting place
Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics 20 1016 50,8
Cyber Security 30 793 26,43
Full Stack Software Development 20 610 30,5
International Business Management 20 878 43,9
Professional Project Management 20 787 39,35
Robotics 20 272 13,6
Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy 20 242 12,1
Sport Business Management 20 184 9,2
Total 170 4782 28,13

*Figures are preliminary and subject to change.


Next, the first joint application period will continue with entrance examinations, which will be carried out entirely online with the national International UAS Exam for bachelor's degrees. An exception to this rule are the Information and Communication Technology and Business Information Technology degree programmes, where the admission method used is the Open University of Applied Sciences admission course and interview. Applicants to Master's degree programmes will be informed of the entrance examination practices separately.

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