BioBoosters Hackathon helps you find innovative solutions and partners

BioBoosters Hackathon

What is a BioBoosters Hackathon?

BioBoosters' innovation competitions, Hackathons, are conducted upon assignment from companies who have the need to find innovative partners and solutions to challenges related to sustainable business. BioBoosters Hackathons provide an opportunity for increased collaboration and new business around solutions, and for the development of the bioeconomy and circular economy as a whole.

Hackathons can be commissioned by one or more companies or organizations that have the desire and opportunity to continue working with the winner of the Hackathon to bring solutions to market. The Hackathon can be organised as an on-site, online, or hybrid implementation.

The application for the Hackathon is open to all interested parties. Companies, researchers, innovators and students can register together or separately. The challenge provider evaluates the teams' ideas and selects promising ideas for a joint innovation process to solve the challenge.

Hackathon process

1) Identifying the challenge

  • Agreeing on the practical implementation of the assignment
  • Formulating the challenge
  • Planning the marketing

2) Announcing and marketing the challenge

  • Finding solutions from networks
  • Presentation of preliminary ideas
  • Selection of solution provider teams

3) Solving the challenge

  • Kick-off - deep dive into the teams and ideas and the client's need
  • Development work - working on the idea, strengthening the team based on feedback from the Kick-off phase
  • Hackathon day - teams are mentored to prepare for a pitching session for a jury representing the challenge provider 
  • Selection of the winner

4) Solutions put into practice

  • Follow-up agreed between the challenge provider and the winner

Current Hackathons

Why join the BioBoosters Hackathon?

As a challenge provider of the Hackathon

  • Save your working time. We offer a guided and efficient service for reaching out to new solution ideas and partners.
  • Learn new perspectives on your sustainability challenge and be surprised by out-of-box solutions.
  • Get the expertise and support you need to pilot and uptake solution to your challenge.
  • Take advantage of the visibility of your company's sustainability work.
  • Launch commercial or R&D partnerships to meet your sustainability aims.

As a solution provider team

  • Test your business idea with direct customer feedback. 
  • Grow your network and build partnerships with companies and experts. 
  • Get the expertise and support to test your idea and commercialise your innovation.
  • Benefit from international visibility for your team's know-how and solutions.
  • Launch a commercial or R&D project with the client company.

As a mentor

  • Support the green transition and the development of responsible business.
  • Learn from real-life business challenges and develop as an expert.
  • Grow your network and build partnerships with businesses and experts. 
  • Take advantage of international visibility for your own and your organisation's expertise.
  • Join business-oriented development projects.

As an organiser of the Hackathon

  • Support your client companies' green transition and sustainable development aims.
  • Support innovative SMEs and startups in accessing business opportunities
  • Reach out to experts and talent from international and cross-sector networks to join the Hackathon.
  • Leverage the well-known Hackathon brand and impressive references.
  • Gain international visibility for your organisation's and region's expertise.
  • Help launch business-oriented development projects.

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Annimari Lehtomäki

Johtava asiantuntija, Chief Specialist
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology

Anna Aalto

Projektipäällikkö, Project Manager
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology

References - What our customers say

The hackathon process has been very smooth: well organised and structured. We have also received new connections because of the good visibility of the process.

Viljami Kinnunen, Senior Process Engineer, Gasum

We are very pleased with the organisers and the competitors of this hackathon and the outcome. Probably we wouldn’t have been able to find these companies and their solutions without this cooperation.

Ari Väliheikki, Researcher, Dinex Finland

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