What is Open science and research? Learn more about JAMK’s principles of open access publication and data management. JAMK is committed to follow the principles of openness in research, development and innovation operations, and the principles are written into JAMK’s strategy, R&D operations principles and the JAMK Quality Manual. The publications, research materials and research methods produced through the research and development operations of universities of applied sciences should be freely accessible and available to companies and citizens. JAMK’s principles of open science and guidelines concerning both open access publishing and data management are available on these pages.

Open science and research

= Open RDI operations in universities of applied sciences

• Refers to open access publications as well as open research materials and methods
• Research data, research material and the methods applied in the research are available to all interested parties, within the limits set by research ethics and jurisprudence.
• Several project financiers demand planned data management and a free availability of publications.
• Permanent and free availability of publications can be ensured by parallel publishing the publications on the institute of higher education’s own publication archive (Theseus for JAMK).
• A data management plan is created with the help of a data management plan tool TUULI.
• Parallel publishing of scientific publications was started in JAMK in 2016, by the Rector’s decision.

Open science benefits all

• Open methods increase the quality, reliability, visibility and social impact of research and promote cooperation as well as the creation of new innovations.
• Open science promotes decision-making that is based on research data.
• Open science increases the visibility of expert knowledge, makes it easier to find and utilise, and benefits the researcher, projects, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, companies and, in general, the development and economy of the society.
• Approximately 89 % of written publications by JAMK staff are open access (Data collection 2018 by Ministry of Education and Culture). JAMK follows up the advancement of openness regularly.
• The publications can be viewed in the juuli.fi service.

Any questions about Open Science and Research in JAMK? Contact us: att@jamk.fi

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