Passport to Employment for Young People with Special Educational Needs/Disability


An on-line guidance and self-advocacy tool and will: 

  • Be aimed at VET students with SEND, teachers, counsellors and other VET personnel
  • Be built on efficient mechanisms already existing in partner countries, namely individual planning (Finland) and links to employers (England).
  • Be useful during and at the end of VET studies within VET college and in transition to the workplace.
  • Be inspired by already existing European tools (e.g. Europass,
  • Help its users to quickly and efficiently describe their skills, competences and strengths as well as their needs.
  • Consist of virtual spaces, where the student can add, review and visualise the development of his abilities, strengths, aspirations and achievements throughout his/her VET educational career
  • Allow the student to produce an outline of the most important and unique abilities which shall be used for self-advocacy purposes and as a support while applying for a job or maintaining employment in early career stages.
  • Make it possible for the students to develop a personalized portfolio outlining individual needs related to employment, abilities, knowledge and skills, and personal strengths that shall be put forward while transiting from school to work
  • Be designed to be used with support or collaboration from teachers, trainers, counsellors relatives or friends, if required.


JAMK will lead this activity with specialist advice and knowledge from FAIDD. All other partners will be responsible for feedback, testing in country specific environments such VET colleges, and in adapting the tool for national contexts.