Our pilots

All regions carry out pilots to test and scale up the transnational operational model for innovation management and the Open Virtual Biobusiness Hub. Pilots start in 2019 and are implemented in phases to continuously develop the transnational operational model and the Hub through feedback of end-users, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Central Finland

To scale up the Open Virtual Biobusiness Hub, we pilot an open digital platform that enables integration of all pilot cases from bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems of the partnership to the Open Virtual Biobusiness Hub.

Hedmark County in Norway

We pilot models that evaluate the ecological and social sustainability of new bioeconomy products/services as well as create business plans that incorporate ecological, social and economic sustainability evaluation. The business plans incorporate a network of value chains and businesses to provide an overall evaluation on the sustainability of the economic activity.

Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Poland

We pilot a concept of applying mobile devices, i.e. drones, for measuring near ground emissions from rural residential houses' heating by fossils fuel. Furthermore, we strive to change the attitudes and behaviour among local rural communities towards air pollution by providing new solutions that cut down emissions.

We create a model for innovation management based on 5-helix approach. By involving the natural environment and surrounding society, the Quintuple Helix supports the formation of innovations that create a win-win situation between ecology, knowledge and innovation, creating synergies between economy, society, and democracy.

Vidzeme Region in Latvia

We carry out environmental resource assessments using the latest drone technology and create a concept of a new bioeconomy service with a step-by-step instruction on how it was created.