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27 Sep 2019

Biobord connect bioeconomy developers across the Baltic Sea Region

Piloting of Biobord Platform and Operating Model is started from the beginning of September 2019 in the network of RDI2CluB partnership and connected stakeholders.

11 Jun 2019

Biobord prototype ready for Joint Actions and Innovation Co-operation

RDI2CluB project reached the half-way mark in the end of March 2019. The milestone was celebrated with the release of the prototype of the Biobord platform for test-use in the partnership.

28 Nov 2018

Benchmarking guided Joint Action Plan development of RDI2CluB partner regions

During the first year of co-operation, RDI2CluB partnership has focused on capacity building for smart specialization in bioeconomy. Partner regions have learned about each other’s strengths and challenges as well as identified a roadmap for jointly developing bioeconomy in rural regions around the Baltic Sea.

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Facebook post by Biobord Scan Balt Bioeconomy Working Group piltoing #Biobord! Another #BSR #bioeconomy #network has found its way to Biobord-platform! The bioeconomy working group of Scan Balt has started their Biobord piloting this autumn of 2021. Through this addition, the Biobord-platform is able to match the network actors from the two BSR bioeconomy network together. 🤩 Scan Balt has so far two focus areas: #alternativeproteins and #circularity in textiles. Biobord-platform's Scan Balt -category invites all interested developers to share ideas and comments related to these themes. See you there! 👋
Facebook post by Biobord Biobord tutorials 5/5 ✨ Besides of the open forum, #Biobord offers other tools for #bioeconomy development. Biobord resources works as an archive and is a great tool for project working! https://forum.biobord.eu/t/how-to-use-the-resources-of-the-biobord-platform/2277/2 Find us from biobord.eu!
Facebook post by Biobord Biobord tutorials 4/5 ✨ How to join a discussion or create an own topic? The open forum of the #Biobord -platform includes many interesting topics related to #bioeconomy. It is also a great place to initiate discussions 💬 Here's how you do it: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/how-to-join-a-discussion-or-create-an-own-topic/2274 Join the discussion!
Facebook post by Biobord Biobord tutorials 3/5 ✨ How to contact people via messages and open forum? 🤝 The open forum of the #Biobord -platform is a great tool for #networking. From Biobord, you may find users representing business, academy, research, policy... With one thing in common - interest to #bioeconomy. 🤩 Here's a tutorial, how to get connected: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/how-to-contact-people-via-messages-and-open-forum/2273 See you on Biobord!
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