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27 Sep 2019

Biobord connect bioeconomy developers across the Baltic Sea Region

Piloting of Biobord Platform and Operating Model is started from the beginning of September 2019 in the network of RDI2CluB partnership and connected stakeholders.

11 Jun 2019

Biobord prototype ready for Joint Actions and Innovation Co-operation

RDI2CluB project reached the half-way mark in the end of March 2019. The milestone was celebrated with the release of the prototype of the Biobord platform for test-use in the partnership.

28 Nov 2018

Benchmarking guided Joint Action Plan development of RDI2CluB partner regions

During the first year of co-operation, RDI2CluB partnership has focused on capacity building for smart specialization in bioeconomy. Partner regions have learned about each other’s strengths and challenges as well as identified a roadmap for jointly developing bioeconomy in rural regions around the Baltic Sea.

Facebook post by Biobord Month 9/9, ConnectedByBiobord-project has been completed! 🥳 But the sustainable Biobord #network, consisting of project partners, will continue. 🥰 After summer, the co-working will focus on the newly established joint agendas. The last month of the ConnectedByBiobord project included: ✨ Finalization of the four joint agendas: Sustainable food system, Digital forestry, Use of new technologies in the wildlife monitoring and Biobord Network Agenda. https://forum.biobord.eu/t/membership-in-the-biobord-network/2280/2 👩‍🏫 Delivery of digital learning material, based on the experiences of #drone field testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSu8kxxpaUk 🤝Improvement of Biobord network model 💻Improvement of Biobord-platform functionalities See you on #Biobord in August! 🍁 #MadewithInterreg Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region #bioeconomy #innovations
Facebook post by Biobord The second joint agenda of the #Biobord network is out! 🌲✨The joint agenda of digital #forestry ✨🌲 "The #digital value chain in the forest industry does not have a continuous flow of information: The potential for increased economic, social, and environmental #sustainability is significant. The technical solutions for data collection, storage and sharing are largely developed or under development. Many actors seek to solve the technical challenges associated with the gaps in the digital value chain, while the organizational challenges remain unresolved. This is the wicked problem in the digital value chain of forestry that the Biobord network partners are trying to solve. " Read more from our report: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/forest-technology-analysis/2180 And please find the joint agenda canvas from here: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/biobord-network-joint-agenda-digital-forestry/2465 If you are interest to join our future projects and activities around this theme, don't hesitate to contact us! 👉biobord.eu #MadewithInterreg #interregbsr Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Tretorget Høgskolen i Innlandet Paperprovince JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMK biotalous
Facebook post by Biobord #Biobord Network Model Upgraded with Value Proposition & Updated Platform Operating Practices 🤩 As a sustainable long-term partnership, the Biobord network, has defined its operating and co-working practices for inter-regional co-operation in the field of #bioeconomy #innovation! 👉Joint agendas steer the co-operation from individual projects to a sustainable co-operation platform 👉A set of Biobord User Guides (1-5) and Biobord Network Partner Guides (1-3) as practical manuals guiding activities in the network and at the platform. User guides are accompanied by video tutorials that feature different platform functions in 3-10 minutes (coming soon) 👉 Biobord Network agenda to elaborate, prioritize, and summarize the essential information and the concept of the Biobord network into two pages Read more: https://biobord.eu/news/ #MadeWithInterreg Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Facebook post by Biobord Biobord Innovation Process Guide out now! ✨💫 The innovation process guide is a practical handbook for planning and organizing innovation processes that connect different stakeholders to a co-creation dialogue. The innovation process is built on an iterative process involving 3 phases: 1) Co-learning (definition of problems and solutions); 2) Co-design (testing, piloting, validating solutions); and 3) Co-effectuate (analyzing viability, desirability, and feasibility). In each step, a strong stakeholder dialogue is necessary. The framework for our innovation process builds on the expertise of Krinova Incubator & Science Park with regards to the innovation process and on the expertise of JAMK University of Applied Sciences with regards to organizing collaborative learning and co-creation dialogue online. This expertise was applied in three innovation pilots implemented in #ConnectedByBiobord -project during spring 2021. In the guide, we present the steps of an international #innovation process and the co-learning approaches implemented in the three innovation pilots. Finally, we introduce some of our working methods in detail – #hackathon, field demonstration and the Joint Agenda Canvas. The working methods are presented with checklists for organizers compiled based on the pilot experiences. The working methods are defined with special consideration to the cross-cultural and cross-sectoral communication, as well as the online settings. All Biobord Network Partner Guides are available at https://forum.biobord.eu/t/guides-for-biobord-network-partners/. Innovation guide is a tool for us in the Biobord Network that supports planning and implementing future co-operation initiatives and projects as well as the co-working on our joint agendas. Furthermore, the guide offers practically applicable insights for innovation actors from the fields of academy, policy, and business. We hope you enjoy taking part in our innovation journey and are inspired to start planning international innovation co-operation with us! 🥰 #mainoutput #projectresult #MadewithInterreg #InterregBSR #bioeconomy #biobord Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Facebook post by Biobord #Biobord partners are developing an innovative approach for monitoring of wild and free-ranging animals. 🦌📡 The currently applied methods for monitoring the populations of wild animals and free-ranging livestock are time and cost intensive. That limits the opportunities for effective monitoring and data-based decision making in #wildlife management and connected business areas, such as #forestry, #agriculture, and recreational #hunting. New technologies such as drone-based remote sensing can help to improve evidence-based decision making and allow co-operation opportunities for sustainable management of animal populations. As part of the #ConnectedByBiobord project, four partner organizations from Latvia, Finland, Norway, and Poland joined their forces to develop an innovative, #technology-based approach for the detection and monitoring of wild animals and free-ranging livestock. The video documents the main challenges tackled with the help of technologies, the obtained results and the most important lessons learnt - https://youtu.be/NSu8kxxpaUk . Based on this experience, the partners have developed a plan for further cooperation to continue exploring and exploiting the technological capabilities for more sustainable management of natural resources. If you find this theme and our ideas interesting, do not hesitate to contact the Biobord network. For more information about the ConnectedByBiobord project and the Biobord network, please refer to https://forum.biobord.eu/t/remote-sensing-for-monitoring-of-wild-animals/2195 #MadewithInterreg #InterregBSR Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMK biotalous Vides risinājumu institūts Høgskolen i Innlandet + PRO Civis #bioeconomy #innovation #drone
Facebook post by Biobord First joint agenda of #Biobord network is out! 🥳 And more to come... Sustainable food system agenda describes the thematic future co-operation plans of Biobord network partners from Baltic Sea region JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMK biotalous Krinova Incubator & Science Park Vidzemes plānošanas reģions Pärnumaa Arenduskeskus Stockholmi Keskkonnainstituudi Tallinna Keskus, SEI Tallinn "Many food processors are trying to find niche for production of food or food ingredients from plant origin raw materials, as well obtain from plants ingredients for different food products and beverages. New protein sources, especially plant-based proteins, and new plant-based food products are on the agenda of many companies. Innovative, economically justified technologies for extrusion of valuable compounds from plants and their introduction into new or known products, as well production of plant-based proteins can significantly support the enterprises in finding niche and strengthening their position in the market, as well would promote decrease of the negative climate effect of food production and introduce options for climate-friendly food consumption. In order to search for solutions, the innovation process was organized in the #ConnectedByBiobord-project and joint agenda of sustainable food system -theme was created ". Find the joint agenda of sustainable food system here, as well as the linked thematic analysis study: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/biobord-network-joint-agenda-sustainable-food-system/2456 If you are interest to join the Biobord network, within this theme, visit: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/membership-in-the-biobord-network/2280/2 #MadewithInterreg #interregbsr #mainoutput #bioeconomy #sustainablefoodsystem #network #cooperation #BSR