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27 Sep 2019

Biobord connect bioeconomy developers across the Baltic Sea Region

Piloting of Biobord Platform and Operating Model is started from the beginning of September 2019 in the network of RDI2CluB partnership and connected stakeholders.

11 Jun 2019

Biobord prototype ready for Joint Actions and Innovation Co-operation

RDI2CluB project reached the half-way mark in the end of March 2019. The milestone was celebrated with the release of the prototype of the Biobord platform for test-use in the partnership.

28 Nov 2018

Benchmarking guided Joint Action Plan development of RDI2CluB partner regions

During the first year of co-operation, RDI2CluB partnership has focused on capacity building for smart specialization in bioeconomy. Partner regions have learned about each other’s strengths and challenges as well as identified a roadmap for jointly developing bioeconomy in rural regions around the Baltic Sea.

Facebook post by Biobord Are you interested in alternative proteins and functional foods ? 🤩🌱🧃 If yes, warmly welcome to Food Hack by Biobord follow up webinar 28.04.2021! We offer you interesting presentations and inspiration from the Baltic Sea region business field 😲💁‍♀️ 🏆 Hear more of the winning team of Food Hack by Biobord Alojas Lupinta Muesli Graci MILZU + new addition Simply Grains Expert presentations by 👩‍🔬 Estonian Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies Toidu- ja Fermentatsioonitehnoloogia Arenduskeskus ☘️ HIID - Superpower of nettle on your plate! HIID 🥜 HOFU - Pure plant-based protein from pure Finnish Fava beans HOFU Register here: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/welcome-to-the-follow-up-webinar-of-food-hack-by-biobord-28-04-2021/2296 Event is held by Interreg Baltic Sea Region and EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region flagship -project ConnectedByBiobord. #MadewithInterreg #interregbsr #bioeconomy #sustainablefood #food #AlternativeProteins #functionalfood
Facebook post by Biobord Biobord platform under development - take part ! 👩‍🔧🌟 As a part of the #ConnectedByBiobord project, we are in the process of upgrading the #Biobord -platform and defining our #network activities for the term 2021-2027. ➡️The aim is to establish a sustainable operating model for our network activities. 👉Guiding principles for the upgrading include #keepingitsimple as well as targeting information separately to network partners and other users. Ongoing upgrades of the platform include: 🧭 Improvements in navigation and user guidance 👉We now offer quick access to messages and preferences for the registered users. The quick access is added to your login list that you can access from the site’s head banner under your profile name. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are also available via the login list. ℹ️ Renewed About-page with targeted guidance 👉From there, you will find updated information for Biobord users and for our network partners. We are also in the process of defining information package for the new users and aspiring partners. Our final user guides and guides for network partners will be published by the end of June. However, you are already able to study the drafts via the ‘About’ page. 🔜More updates are coming up soon as we will also upgrade our Network map to feature the network partners. New updated map will include search features to study the network partners. 🤩 If you have good ideas for the development of biobord.eu, please take part to our user survey (DL 30.04.2021): https://forum.biobord.eu/t/biobord-platform-under-development-respond-to-our-user-survey-to-joint-the-process/2307 See you on Biobord! 👋 #MadewithInterreg Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region #bioeconomy #digitalization #platformeconomy
Facebook post by Biobord Welcome to join us today to our next OnStage #webinar, hosted by Vides risinājumu institūts (Institute for Environmental Solutions)! #OnStage is a free webinar platform for the network members and users of #Biobord-platform. 👉Biobord OnStage Event: New technologies for monitoring of wild-animals and free-ranging livestock 15th of April at 14:00 - 15:00 CET / 15:00 - 16:00 EET . Topic : New technologies for monitoring of wild-animals and free-ranging livestock. Host : Inese Suija - Markova@Inese from Institute for Environmental Solutions Duration : 1hr Address and more information: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/onstage-15-04-2021-new-technologies-for-monitoring-of-wild-animals-and-free-ranging-livestock-at-14-00-15-00-cet-15-00-16-00-eet/2288 #MadewithInterreg #interregbsr #EUSBSR #bioeconomy
Facebook post by Biobord Thank you all for participating Forest Hack by Biobord, excellent conversations and ideas! 👏 Two great ideas were presented 🤩 🌲📡 A digital forestry lab AND 🌲💻 A forest data platform In the next phase ConnectedByBiobord -project aims to mobilize these ideas, together with the participated stakeholders. Are you interested ? 👉 Join the discussion https://forum.biobord.eu/t/welcome-to-forest-hack-by-biobord-13-04-14-04-2021/2284/7 Event was hosted by Interreg BSR and EUSBSR flagship project ConnectedByBiobord. Thank you JAMK University of Applied Sciences Tretorget Høgskolen i Innlandet Paperprovince TerraNor Kartanalyse Skogsstyrelsen Suomen metsäkeskus - Finlands skogscentral Glommen Mjøsen Skog SA Luavia Ltd, FeltGIS ,Mistra Digital Forest, Taigatech AB, Sør-Hedmark Næringshage, PRO Civis and Høyskolen Kristiania #MadewithInterreg #interregbsr Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region #bioeconomy #digitalization #forestry #innovation #hackathon #biobord
Facebook post by Biobord Forest Hack by Biobord on the go! 🤩 This time tomorrow, we will hear potential solutions for following challenges: 🧐 Methods for more detailed and accurate data from forests. JAMK University of Applied Sciences Glommen Mjøsen Skog SA TerraNor Kartanalyse Skogsstyrelsen Høgskolen i Innlandet Luavia Ltd and PRO Civis Poland Ngo 🤯Tracing quality for increased value creation. FeltGIS Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB Tretorget Sør-Hedmark Næringshage Paperprovince Høyskolen Kristiania Stay tuned and join the discussion: https://bit.ly/3g7hut1 #MadewithInterreg #interregbsr #bioeconomy #forestdata #forestry #cocreation #innovation #hackathon
Facebook post by Biobord 6 months behind and 3 more left! 😮 Lot of activities took place in the #connectedbybiobord -project in March. Here are few highlights 🤩 * Food Hack By Biobord, online hackathon with 13 food industry companies and expert coaches. Read more here: https://biobord.eu/news * Planning of upcoming Forest Hack by Biobord 13.04. - 14.04.2021, where industry stakeholders are solving challenges related to #forest data flow and its use. Make sure to register! https://forum.biobord.eu/t/welcome-to-forest-hack-by-biobord-13-04-14-04-2021/2284 * Filed demonstrations conducted in Inland Norway, Central Finland and Vidzeme Latvia to test and demonstrate the use of drone technology in the monitoring of wild animals and livestock. Results will be combined to a form of digital learning material. More information coming soon. * Great OnStage webinars from Swedish partners of ConnectedByBiobord. #OnStage webinars are free one hour introductions by Biobord Network members and other users of #Biobord. Find out more from here: https://forum.biobord.eu/c/on-stage/30 * Ongoing updating of Biobord-platform and its guidance material, to make them more user-friendly and easy to use. Stay tuned for updates! * Biobord introductions to Baltic Sea region #bioeconomy networks, for example to ScanBalt's Bioeconomy Working Group. Find us from Biobord and see you after Easter! 🐤🌼