Our mission is to help rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region to reach their full potential in bioeconomy. We hope to achieve our mission through building capacity for transnational cooperation in innovation management and smart specialization in bioeconomy. To enable transnational cooperation, we create an open transnational digital platform for innovation in bioeconomy, which will be tested and scaled up via several pilots together with local small and medium sized enterprises.

RDI2CluB unites authorities, research, development and innovation (RDI) institutes and business development bodies from five regions to a joint quest for boosting smart and sustainable bioeconomy development in the rural areas of Baltic Sea Region. The five regions of the RDI2CLuB partnership are:

  • Central Finland/Finland
  • Hedmark/Norway
  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship/Poland
  • Vidzeme/Latvia
  • Estonia

Project process



5 Jan 2018

RDI2CluB adopted as Flagship of EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

In November 2017, RDI2CluB was adopted as a Flagship of Policy Area Bioeconomy by the EUSBSR National Coordinators. Flagships demonstrate the progress of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, and serve as pilot examples for desired action in the policy area. According to EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region, Bioeconomy offers an abundance of opportunities to grow primary industries and opens up new development prospects in the rural areas.

26 Jun 2017

Finland received nearly million euros for the development of a bioeconomy innovation system

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region is a cooperation programme between eleven countries. The region has abundant natural resources, but also challenges in reaching its full bioeconomy potential. Furthermore, the exchange of knowlege in the area has been sparse.

Today the European Commission has put forward an updated #bioeconomy strategy as an action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy that serves Europe's society, environment and economy. 🇪🇺 https://t.co/wpptSZOlf9
Does the forest hold the key to the future? @JAMK_fi & Bioeconomy Campus together with @vetenskapoallm are building a #NordicHub on new forest-based products to increase awareness and dialogue on #bioeconomy and #biobased products. https://t.co/YQH7Fk4PSd
‘Inventions week’ gathers inventors, start-ups, clients and partners to network at rural town of Viitasaari in Northern Central Finland. Town boosts innovation with creative approaches, e.g. the invention mill involves rural youth to innovation actions and encourages to entrepreneurship. RDI2CluB was at the scene to benchmark and network with the inventors and innovation ecosystem actors of Central Finland. Great entrepreneurial spirit and broudly rural brands! 💡💡
Inventions week’ at rural town, #Viitasaari, in Central Finland gathers inventors & start-ups to network. Town boosts #innovation with creative approaches, e.g. invention mill involves #youth to innovation actions and encourages to rural #entrepreneurship. 💡@rdi2club #benchmark
High level event in Brussels coming soon ... 'Sustainable & Circular #Bioeconomy, the European Event' 🇪🇺 on October 22. https://t.co/VrF554GSR4
#Bioeconomy campus day attracted the public to Tarvaala by showcasing local businesses and R&D projects – including insect economy. 200 portions of Texmex crickets served. Crunchy, but tasty! 🌻🌻 @biotalouskampus @JAMK_fi #locallyproduced
On coming Monday, Bioeconomy Campus in Tarvaala, Saarijärvi, hosts an seminar on the innovations in #Bioeconomy. Event is opened by Finland's Minister of Economic Affaird, Mika Lintilä. 'Bioeconomy future is made with innovations!' #JAMK @biotalouskampus #bioeconomyhotspot https://t.co/hU1h8Pde8M
Hedmark and Świętokrzyskie on board BSSSC Annual Conference 2018 in Gdansk. RDI2CluB was on stage at a workshop on circular bioeconomy exploring how digitalisation and platform development can connect rural regions together to boost innovation in bioeconomy around the BSR. On closing day, RDI2CluB predicted the future for BSR with a project panel. What a challenge to foretell what the life is like for bioeconomy natives in 2038! ...and whether we can still eat cheese and drink wine?
#Hedmark and #Świętokrzyskie on board #BSSSC2018 in Gdansk. On closing day, @RDI2CluB predicted the future for #BSR with a project panel. What a challenge to foretell what the life is like for #bioeconomy natives in 2038! ...and whether we can still eat cheese and drink wine?
ProNemus visitors centre of Äänekoski bioproductmill offers a complete forestry experience with modern wood architecture, virtual reality, digital displays, art and simulations showing the road of wood from forest into a wide variety of bioproducts. Worth a visit! Central Finland #BioeconomyHotSpot
Exploring forestry at ProNemus visitors centre of Äänekoski bioproduct mill in Central Finland.
#ProNemus visitors centre of Äänekoski #bioproductmill offers an experience with modern wood architecture, virtual reality, digital displays, art and simulations on the road of wood from forest to a wide variety of #bioproducts. Worth a visit! Central Finland #BioeconomyHotSpot
#BSRStarsS3 published a policy brief on the Digital monitoring tool for analysing the innovation ecosystem. Interesting #experimentation with #OpenData giving a realtime visualisation of the players of #circulareconomy. #Interreg #BSR #S3 https://t.co/tYJrDm2t9D
Moving towards #sustainable food consumption - Nordic countries leading the way. #SolutionsMenu #BSR https://t.co/XQ61PA1dK3
RDI2CluB is touring Central Finland to explore rural innovation services & environments and bioeconomy hotspots. Today we visited Lennätin Viitasaari, a co-working space for distance work and creative encounters in the center of Viitasaari. Pop in for coffee, work, events or just fun!😊
What would the world miss if your idea is not realised? What is the societal impact of your idea? ... Interesting tool for assessing the impact of an idea or #innovation. (available in English) #ImpactCanvas https://t.co/IJilrdADtV
Looking for new ideas on #smartspecialisation and development of interregional value chains? Check out this interesting opportunity for networking and peer learning within #BSR offered by the #Balticleadershipprogramme. https://t.co/zEGP5MpQyd
How to get the Youth involved in #Bioeconomy? Very interesting networking and co-learning opportunity within #BSR! Apply for the Baltic Leadership programme on Youth and Bioeconomy by Aug 22, 2018. https://t.co/ufsBMOX53u
Apply for the Baltic Leadership Programme on Youth & Bioeconomybalticsea-region-strategy.eu
How to get the Youth involved in Bioeconomy? Very interesting networking and co-learning opportunity within BSR! Apply by Aug 22, 2018. "Do you work in the field of bioeconomy and are you interested in how to integrate youth perspectives into your everyday work? Are you looking for innovative solutions to foster the necessary transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based society and economy? Are you a member of a youth organisation with a strong engagement in the field of bioeconomy and sustainability? The Baltic Leadership Programme on Youth and Bioeconomy addresses the need to better integrate younger generations into the field of bioeconomy. Youth (up to 30 years of age) are vital for renewing and innovating the sector, which is necessary in the transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based society/economy. Today, however, there is a lack of necessary links and methods for attracting and involving youth. In response to this, the Swedish Institute, together with its cooperation partners, is developing a training programme to tackle the challenges of youth participation in the bioeconomy sector. The programme is targeting representatives of youth organisations as well as those of organisations working with bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. We look forward to receiving applications from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Iceland as well as the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg." For more information: https://si.se/en/apply/leadership-programmes/baltic-leadership-programme-on-youth-and-bioeconomy/
Osiris is publishing cases of open and social #innovation practises for creating and implementing regional strategies. Inspiration for @RDI2CluB partners working with the Joint Action Plans for #bioeconomy development in regions. #Interreg #smartspecialisation #SummerReading ☀️ https://t.co/JBicoviv8N
Advisory Board unites expertise from academia, policy, network & cluster specialists around #BSR. 1st meeting in Tallinn shows a potential of co-operation in smart specialisation in #bioeconomy with connected regions and projects. #EUSBSR @JAMK_fi blog: https://t.co/2LjXa6MdJ7
Greetings from the 9th Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region! - Tech to the Futureblogit.jamk.fiAs the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) flagship project for bioeconomy, RDI2CluB, we attended the 9th EUSBSR Annual Forum in Tallinn on June 4-5, 2018. Event involves networking opportunities, latest news on policies and funding programs as well as best practices related to the themes of....
Advisory Board of RDI2CluB gathered for the first time! The Annual Forum provided a convenient backdrop for our first RDI2CluB Advisory Board meeting held on June 5, 2018. Our Advisory Board brings together academia, policy makers and specialists of transnational cooperation and innovation ecosystems around Baltic Sea. Furthermore, the Coordinator of EUSBSR Bioeconomy, Nordic Council of Ministers, is represented along with the Baltic Sea States Sub-regional co-operation (BSSSC) network to share our results and provide contextual awareness on the bioeconomy development in the regions of Baltic Sea. BSSSC is a political network for decentralized authorities, such as regions, municipalities and cities, in the Baltic Sea Region. We see that the Advisory Board can support our mission in various ways. They can provide advice on the implementation of smart specialisation strategies and building of innovation ecosystems as well as provide quality assurance of our outputs with comments on achieved results and evaluation in terms of quality, policy relevance and applicability to end-users. Furthermore, they provide a link to networks around Baltic Sea region that can facilitate the uptake and expansion of our bioeconomy innovation network and platform. Read more from: https://blogit.jamk.fi/techtothefuture/2018/07/02/greetings-from-the-9th-annual-forum-on-the-eu-strategy-for-baltic-sea-region/ at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.
Jäneda transnational workshopflickr.comExplore this photo album by RDI2CluB on Flickr!
RDI2CluB transnational workshop in Jäneda, Estonia on June 5-7, 2018, allowed us to work together on joint action plans and start sharing ideas on the future collaboration, including innovation cooperation. Take a photo tour with us through the workshop at Flickr. Good times! :)https://www.flickr.com/photos/153448792@N05/albums/72157698125508914
With the support of @RDI2CluB and transnational learning, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Poland is exploring their #bioeconomy potential for smart specialization and for tackling the air quality problems. Read more from @JAMK_fi blog. #BSR #interreg https://t.co/VQ9hro0cRJ
Transitioning to bioeconomy from the smoggy shadows of fossil economy - Tech to the Futureblogit.jamk.fiEuropean Union is shifting towards bioeconomy, especially in terms of strategic approaches and technology development. Still, in many countries, such as Poland, the concept of bioeconomy is not well-known and is absent in the public discourse. Therefore, the opportunities have not been fully underst...
Exploring Bioeconomy in Poland! Visiting Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship to attend our RDI2CluB project partners’ regional stakeholder workshop on the bioeconomy potential in the region, I got a chance to visit local companies and the State Forest agency to get a glimpse into bioeconomy trends and challenges in Poland. In fact, our partners managed to fit quite an extensive excursion programme into the two days of my visit, which was indeed a great opportunity for me to better understand the realities of bioeconomy development in Poland and to explore an interesting region – in excellent company. I wish to share my experiences and give a small preview for the benchmarking visit to Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship with you via a blog (in English). Regards, Anna Aalto, Project Coordinator https://blogit.jamk.fi/techtothefuture/2018/06/08/transitioning-to-bioeconomy-from-the-smoggy-shadows-of-fossil-economy/
The action points for sustainable change towards #bioeconomy in #Nordic countries works as a inspiration source for us @RDI2CluB in our work on Joint Action Plans for developing bioeconomy regionally & in macro-regional cooperation. @baltic_sea_prog #Innovate #Accelerate #Network https://t.co/zwLUtBuf9I
Keski-Suomen liittoKeski-Suomessa tuodaan biotalousalan toimijoita tiiviimmin yhteen hollantilaisten esimerkkien ja keskisuomalaisten toiveiden mukaisesti. Lue blogistamme projektipäällikkö Suvi Bayrin ja kehittämispäällikkö Hannu Koposen yhteiskirjoitus: https://www.keskisuomi.fi/blogi/posts/151/yhdessa_enemman_-_biotalouden_edistamista_kadet_savisina
Together we are more - lessons from Biobased Delta on the value of regional cooperation and networks have been applied in our Joint Action Plan work in Central Finland. Blog from our team from Regional Council of Central Finland. ;<3 (Only in Finnish, sorry)
In connection with our transnational workshop in Poland, RDI2CluB partners will take part in the next EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019 in Gdansk!🌍🇪🇺
Final @rdi2club workshop for validation of the regional #bioeconomy profiles in progress in Latvia! @norden_lv #VidzemesRegions. https://t.co/wqKIeqHbGm
Potential of #digital #bioeconomy is explored in the Central Finland's pilot in @rdi2club. Our expert were in Copenhagen #BSR Bioeconomy Council workshop to get the latest trends. https://t.co/A4Rd5bPiBY
Reflections from @rdi2club benchmarking visit to Netherlands and stakeholder workshop on regional #bioeconomy profile call for closer cooperation of the bioeconomy triple-helix actors in Central Finland for boosting commercialization of R&D. Ps. For Finnish readers only, sorry. https://t.co/WQHJkap2zK
Come meet with @RDI2CluB team in #EUSBSR Annual Forum in Tallinn! We'll be at the networking village on June 4, presenting at 14.00 on smart rural #bioeconomy development in #BSR. See you next week! #EUSBSRafter2020 https://t.co/GUxIVavRBI
Regional Bioeconomy Profiles of @rdi2club partners are reviewed in stakeholder workshops in May. Profiles reveal #bioeconomy potential, strengths and weaknesses compared to national averages & enable benchmarking European best practice regions. #smartspecialisation #BSR #Interreg
Exiting news for Central Finland. The #bioeconomy ecosystem around Äänekoski #bioproduct mill is moving forward with lauching of a project to produce #textilefibre from wood. Staying tuned for #sustainablefashion from Finland. 👕👖🌲🌲
Welcome to the Stakeholder Workshops! Regional Bioeconomy Profiles for the RDI2CluB partners are under regional scrutiny in stakeholder workshops during May. Profiles reveal bioeconomy potential, strengths and weaknesses compared to national averages as well as enable benchmarking against European best practice regions. After regional validation, the profiles will be published in coming autumn.
Visiting our Polish team, Regional Science and Technology Center, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and the Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue PRO CIVIS and attending the first regional workshop of RDI2CluB in Poland. We got to explore the operations of the State Forests of Poland, visited local forest industry and bioenergy companies as well as the Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci and the Biobank. A part from great bioeconomy potential, Świętokrzyskie is a region with interesting historical destinations and picturesque nature. Looking forward to the coming benchmarking visit to Świętokrzyskie in 2019!
Benchmarking quest continues. Our team of 34 RDI2CluB experts joined in as Natural Fibertastic 2018 opened with a bus tour of biobased construction and infrastructure sites in Bergen op Zoom. Dutch circular construction agenda applied to practice. @biobaseddelta #NFT2018
Benchmarking quest continues @biobaseddelta. Our team of 34 @rdi2club experts joined in as Natural Fibertastic 2018 opened with a bus tour of #biobased construction and infrastructure sites in Bergen op Zoom. Dutch circular construction agenda applied to practice. #NFT2018
Got to a good start on our benchmarking quest at Biobased Delta where Agro meets chemistry and markets. Exploring a strong triple helix that shows the strength of networks and regional co-operation. Greetings from our team at Green Chemistry Campus, Bergen op Zoom.
Following up on the Circular bioeconomy experiments and visions from Central Finland! Circwaste project together with the Regional Council of Central Finland organized a seminar to showcase circular bioeconomy research, development and innovation work from Central Finland. Event took place at JAMK University of Applied Science on April 16, 2018. Key themes from presentations included valorization of biowaste streams, development of new bio-based materials, promotion of sustainable protein sources and nutrient cycling. Here are some of the ongoing projects from the bioeconomy innovation ecosystem in Central Finland: VINSECTS – Insect economy as a part of the circular economy in Northern Central Finland. Testing bio-mass valorization with insect production to provide proof-of-concept for new business chains. SUSTAINABLE BIORESIDUAL CONCRETE – Develop and test utilization of forestry side-streams in concrete manufacturing to develop a product with low-carbon foot-print and create a related business chain and network in Northern Central Finland. BIOKAS – Testing and mapping recycled biobased materials that can be used as alternative materials for peat and plastic to be used in planting beds. BIO-CO2 –Assessing feasible utilization pathways for biobased CO2 as a raw material in Finnish biomass driven industry sectors and to identify the best business candidates for near- to medium-term deployment in Finland. CIRCULAR PROTEIN ECONOMY - Developing collaboration and RDI platform for sustainable food chains and systems in Central Finland to promote experimentations and demonstrations on new proteins and sustainable food consumption. CIRCWASTE - A seven-year LIFE IP project that promotes efficient use of material flows, waste prevention and new waste and resource management concepts. Central Finland is one of the focus regions that implements circular economy pilots.
Snow is still piling high in Central Finland at Rajakatu Campus of JAMK as RDI2CluB closes the first project period. Highlights so far include the successfull data collection for Regional Bioeconomy Profiles in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Norway. Stay tuned for the results of the data analysis... Happy Easter for our friends around BSR!
Wood-based bio-innovation and knowledge in BLOOM JAMK is building the Bioeconomy Campus as a strong bioeconomy knowledge and innovation hub with the support of international networks and development projects. In addition to RDI2CluB, Horizon2020 project, BLOOM, launched in the end of 2017. The two projects met in Stockholm for a partner meeting in March 21-22, 2018. BLOOM is a three-year project involving 12 partners, including JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The project is coordinated by the Centre for Social Innovation in Austria. BLOOM aims to raise public awareness and understanding of the bioeconomy products and coming innovations. BLOOM activities will both instigate public dialogue and involve the society in the bioeconomy innovation via co-creation actions. BLOOM will stimulate activities and dialogue about the bioeconomy at both a regional and EU level. The purpose is also to attract young people to the field. Project partners in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden will create five hubs (communities of practice) that will engage a range of stakeholders from civil society, innovation networks, local research centres, industry, teachers and research institutes. JAMK will work together with the Swedish Vetenskap and Allmänhet (Public & Science) and in dialogue with stakeholders, to develop a regional hub for Finland/Sweden that will have a focus on developing a knowledge hub on wood-based materials and products. From fundamental research to commercial innovations Finland and Sweden are both active in research, development and innovation on new wood-based materials and products. The possibilities range from super-strong bio-kevlar materials to super-light foams, from transparent wood-based film or windows to anti-bacterial materials and 3D-printed nano-cellulose products. Extraordinary research initiatives in Sweden are driving the change forward. In Stockholm, we visited the KHT Wallenberg Wood Science Center, which is a joint research center of KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Chalmers started in 2009. We also learned about the Treesearch initiative, which is a unique industry supported national platform in Sweden for open science on wood-based products. Wood is indeed versatile. As an example, it might not be long before we have functioning demonstrations of cars made mostly of bio-based materials! Ps. One of the highlights of the research collaboration between Finland and Sweden is Tandem Forest Values that is a bilateral forest research project that was established in 2017 as Sweden’s official centenary gift to Finland. The gift comprises of 12 postdoc positions, each worth 2 million SEK. The calls for applications are administrated by KSLA, The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. More information on the calls and application criteria can be found at the KSLA website (in English).