Our mission is to bring together bioeconomy developers throughout the rural areas of Baltic Sea Region to a joint table to solve global and local challenges with bioeconomy innovations. Our aim is to connect bioeconomy innovation networks to share ideas, find partners and work together to create business opportunities in bioeconomy. Together we build knowledge and raise awareness on sustainable and viable bioeconomy business potential in Baltic Sea Region. To enable international co-operation, we create an open international digital platform called Biobord, which will be tested and scaled up via several pilots together with local small and medium sized enterprises during the RDI2CluB-project.

RDI2CluB-project unites authorities, RDI institutes (Research, Development and Innovation institutes) and business development bodies from five regions to a joint quest for boosting smart and sustainable bioeconomy development in the rural areas of Baltic Sea Region. The five regions of the RDI2CLuB partnership are:

  • Central Finland, Finland
  • Inland, Norway
  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland
  • Vidzeme, Latvia
  • Estonia

Project process


RDI2CluB-project started in October 2017 by mapping joint regional challenges and by looking joint solutions to those. Crosscutting issues between regions are sustainable development, multi-level governance and climate change adaption and mitigation. In order to answer these challenges, there is a need for capacity for innovation. Increased capacity will be reach by understanding each regions’ strengths in the field of bioeconomy, by supporting innovation management and the implementing of the innovations, and by increasing transnational co-operation. The understanding of the bioeconomy strengths of each region was succeeded by benchmarking regional bioeconomy profiles and by creating a joint action plan for developing regional innovation capacities. The support of innovation management and the implementing of that will be reach by creating international open virtual bio business hub (Biobord) and by creating an operational model for the innovation management -aspect. Transnational co-operation between regional innovation systems will be reach via pilots that are carried out with local SME’s (small and medium sizes enterprises). These out puts, except the benchmarking of regional bioeconomy profiles, is validated via piloting during the RDI2CluB-project. More of the project from the About the Project -section.


27 Sep 2019

Biobord connect bioeconomy developers across the Baltic Sea Region

Piloting of Biobord Platform and Operating Model is started from the beginning of September 2019 in the network of RDI2CluB partnership and connected stakeholders.

11 Jun 2019

Biobord prototype ready for Joint Actions and Innovation Co-operation

RDI2CluB project reached the half-way mark in the end of March 2019. The milestone was celebrated with the release of the prototype of the Biobord platform for test-use in the partnership.

28 Nov 2018

Benchmarking guided Joint Action Plan development of RDI2CluB partner regions

During the first year of co-operation, RDI2CluB partnership has focused on capacity building for smart specialization in bioeconomy. Partner regions have learned about each other’s strengths and challenges as well as identified a roadmap for jointly developing bioeconomy in rural regions around the Baltic Sea.

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