The quality and relevance of the teacher training programmes at UP Maputo and ISET One World is developed

As part of the TEPATE project, three study modules, each equalling 5 ECTS, will be developed and integrated to the teacher training of the Southern partner HEIs. By so doing, we can increase the availability of and access to quality teacher education among Mozambican teacher students.

Furthermore, the teaching practise component will be further developed at the partner HEIs. The teaching practise component is an essential part of teacher education, serving a wide range of purposes. It also provides the prospective teachers with an authentic environment in which to practise a variety of pedagogical skills required from a teacher.


The key activities include (but are not limited to): assessing the current structure and practises of teaching practise at the Southern partner HEIs, developing the guidance and assessment practises of the teaching practise component, and training selected supervising teachers.