The goal of this project is to strengthen the capacity of higher education to enhance equal access to education through digital learning opportunities. In order to achieve this, the development activities aim to provide students with 21st century skills. These goals also contribute to the national School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) 2016-2023 and are in accordance with Nepal’s new constitution.

The quality of education is influenced by the skills of teachers - “change starts with the great teachers”. Thus, this project focuses on producing a cadre of digitally competent teachers in two universities, Tribhuvan University and Nepal Open University, both of which have a remarkable role in Nepal by developing a new MA programme in digital pedagogy for 21st century.

Also the project will develop a modular and standalone guidance and counselling course for school teachers (in-service teachers) in order to help girls and boys from disadvantaged communities remain in school and accelerate their educational performance.

As digitalization of education is seen as an opportunity of the present and the future, teachers of all levels of education need to have competences to use technology in their work and develop their pedagogy accordingly. Therefore, teacher training and teacher educators must be equipped with the required capacities first. The universities are committed to the long-term development of digital infrastructure, ODL and to developing the necessary human capacity required to exploit them.




Focus on three aspects of developing the capacities of TU and NOU to prepare quality teaching workforce equipped with digital pedagogy and 21st century skills through three outputs:

Output 1: Newly designed Master's programme on 21st century pedagogy

The programme is focusing on digital skills, guidance and counselling, and critical thinking.

Output 2: Guidance and counselling study structure developed

The structure will include one face-to-face taught module and MOOC designed for teachers and teacher students to support the HRB approach and equity, and to prevent dropouts among girls and representatives of excluded communities. 

Output 3: Increased capacity of TU and NOU to promote integration of ICT and 21st century skills into existing educational programmes of all levels of education

Workshops and training for the educational personnel at provincial and local government levels. 



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Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal

Nepal Open University (NOU), Nepal  

JAMK University of Applied Sciences (coordinator), Finland

HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

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Burns Graham

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Mäki Tuire

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