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The results of the Baseline Research show that the attitudes towards e-learning are positive and 71 % of the answerers were very interested in developing their e-learning skills, as a teacher. Support for accessing and using technology and different e-learning tools is needed, and skill gaps, internet infrastructure and internet connections may be the biggest barriers when the teachers are trying to take advantage of e-learning.

Respondents also stated that inclusion can be promoted by e-learning technology designing it in user friendly way. The Baseline Research is a fruitful way to start the development activities in Ethiopia. 

The summary is written by Anne Harmoinen, Centria:

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The project coordinator in Finland: 

Kaarakainen Jaana

Kaarakainen Jaana

Projektisihteeri, Project Secretary
AOKK T&K, Research, Development & Innovations (RDI)
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education