Sustainable solutions from bioeconomy & new business in bioeconomy field: forestry, agriculture, renewable energy, water and environment. Turnkey service for companies to solve challenges related to bioeconomy on an assignment basis.

Bioeconomy business accelerator is a hub for companies and experts with bioeconomy as common denominator. BioPaavo accelerates the development and growth of companies by systematically seeking solutions to innovation challenges and helping to implement concrete solutions through its network.

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For whom

  • Growth-oriented early-stage companies and SMEs developing their business based on and developing new solutions from bioeconomy
  • Corporations aiming for international business


Innovation competition, where teams search for solutions within a short period of time to challenge provided by the client company.

Call for Innovation:
Innovation search that provides a broad overview of the bioeconomy innovations that interest your company and brings key players to the same table.

Workshops bring together to collide different views and know-how to solve business challenges, resulting in new ideas and input for project initiatives.

Webinars and seminars distributing latest information in bioeconomy hot topics and sharing good practices and innovations. Afterparty in

What our customers say

PeatHackathon - Steps towards carbon neutral business
"On behalf of Berner Ltd, and Tikalan Ltd., BioPaavo carried out the PeatHackathon, which was a great success. The goal was to find new peat replacement solutions for growing medium and soil improvement products. After the pre-qualification, nine teams progressed to solve the challenge, with the best two continuing the development work. BioPaavo*s hackathon concept can truly create environmentally sustainable solutions and new business in the bioeconomy field."
Arja Laivonen, Product Manager Berner Ltd.

Siparila Hackathon - Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for industrial wood surface treatment
"Siparila Ltd. chose the BioPaavo Hackathon because the company wanted to develop an completely new biobased method for handling wood products. The concept worked well and we found enthusiastic developers and companies. From these, we selected two groups to further develop the idea. We are now at the stage where results are expected from new ideas."
Juha Sojakka, CEO Siparila LTD.

“The role of BioPaavo in promoting bioeconomy innovations, networks and business is a huge and important example of the meaning of cooperation: together we all achieve more.”
Milja Hannu-Kuure, Managing Director, Brightplus Oy


Lehtomäki Annimari

Lehtomäki Annimari

Vanhempi tutkija, Senior Researcher
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology

Let's talk!

Tell us about your challenge and we will plan an innovation event according to your needs. From the Bioeconomy Business Accelerator's extensive network of innovative growth companies and actors, we find teams to solve these challenges. In addition, we are supported by several research and education organizations in our network.