Vectorflow neural network and NASA data

Vectorflow neural network based prediction of  engine failure from NASA motor data.

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Stock market prediction

Stock market prediction using LSTM neural network to determine when to sold, buy or hold the specific stock based on next day's closing price.

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Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning method demo to teach worm movements in Worm game.

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Image autodecoder

Neural network has been applied as an encoder to compress image to floating point values. The decoder attempts to decompress their values back to an image resembling the original image.

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Speech to text

Speech to text translation where the learning scripts utilize the Tensorflow Dataset and Eatimator APIs.

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LSTM neural network and NASA data

LSTM neural network based prediction of engine failure from NASA motor data.

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Fraud Detection demo

Credit card fraud detection using data classification based on neural networks. The aim is to recognize misuse of a credit card from the information of transactions where the timestamp and amount of money are not anonymized.

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Predictive data-analytics for NASA motor data

Predictive data analysis using linear regression and perceptons from NASA motor data.

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