Here you can read highlights and news from the BOOST project. 

December 2014: The final conference

The final conference was a BIG event! The auditorium full of people, the beautiful decorations and speeches by the distinguished guests and key persons of the project made the day special. The conference participants got conference proceedings in Vietnamese and English language.

September – October 2014: the workshops and publication

The workshops in Dong Ha is aiming at to finalise the outcomes of the development work. Also, the development teams work on how to sustain the outcomes and root them at QTTTC.  That is a very exiting matter! We are moving forward and looking to the future.

The articles are ready for the publication. We are happy to share what we have worked on in this project.

September 2014: project meeting online

The Finnish team and the teachers of QTTTC meet online. It is great to discuss were the development teams are in their tasks and what are the concrete outcomes of their work. The technology really shrinks almost 8000 km distance between us. We Like IT!

July 2014: the company visit

The develoment teams visit Softech Company in Da Nang. The company focuses on: training and developing IT human resources; cooperating in production and outsourcing software products; implementing IT cooperation in the country and in the world; implementing integration of IT systems.

As results of the visit, QTTTC and Softech JSC made a preliminary agreement of following cooperation:

  1. Sending students to Softech to practise
  2. Exchanging teachers and experts in training IT human resources between the college and the company.
  3. Associating in training international programmers and international multimedia Arts.

Very good, wasn't it!

June 2014

Many project activities are going on at QTTTC. Better internet access to students at the campus is realised. Also, rooms for small group working have been furnished.

During this spring QTTTC has been active in establishing partnerships and recruiting new students. Improved learning environments provide an excellent grounds for studying and diverse collaboration with partners.

BOOST in Vietnam

May 2014

The development teams share the piloted eLearning courses, project-based learning, and monitoring information with all of the personnel at QTTTC. The results are impressive!

Read more about our visit from JAMK's Teacher Education College's RDI blog (in Finnish).

April 2014

The administrative study visit takes place in the beginning of April. JAMK and HAMK receive a delegation of four persons that represents the highest level of the provincial administration of the Quang Tri Province. We are pleased to have the newly appointed rector of Quang Tri Teacher Training College, Mrs. Huong, as one of members of the delegation.

March 2014

We meet the development teams online. One of the virtual workshops is planned for all three development teams, and we have separate virtual workshops for each development team.

BOOST online meetingBOOST online meeting

February 2014

The external evaluators of the HEI ICI programme visit Hue University in Hue and Quang Tri Teacher Training College in Dong Ha in the end of February. The evaluators interview the key persons of the two HEI ICI projects. The key persons of the University of Technical Education provide their views and experiences via online interview from Ho Chi Minh City. Hope to have interesting and fruitful discussions! Read more.

January 2014

The workshops in Dong Ha focus on the regional development aspects. In addition, the students of QTTTC are involved in producing ideas and planning project based learning in the workshops.

December 2013

The new ICT equipment arrived at QTTTC. A server, scanner, desk computers, laptops, tablet devices, etc. are now all on the library premises. Unpacking the devices is currently ongoing.

November 2013

The development teams of QTTTC plans more details for the development activities. The workshops in Dong Ha support the planning process and clarify the preliminary ideas. Mrs Lien retired as the rector of QTTTC and we gratefully acknowledge her contribution to the collaboration between Finland and Vietnam.

October 2013

JAMK organises workshops at UTE. On the first day, there will be about 180 participants, which is a great success!

September 2013

The Vietnamese partners arrive in Finland for a study visit. Finally, we can show the things that we discussed in the workshops in Vietnam.

June 2013

Kick-off and orientation workshops start the actual work. It is good to see all the partners and focus on the development activities.

March 2013: Funding for the new project!

We celebrate positive news: MoFA has approved funding for the new project "BOOST".

Mr Tran Vui (HUCE): “Dear all! Congratulations on the wonderful result.”

Mr An (QTTTC): “I'm delighted to receive this good news. I've been longing to know the result of our application for 2 weeks. And now I feel quite relieved.”

Mrs Lien (QTTTC): “I am happy about being able to see you again. Thank you very much for everything. Best regards, see you again.”
“Congratulations on the successful proposal. We will be able to see you again in Vietnam soon. Best regards, Tú Anh (HUCE)”

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  • Education success stories around the world, Human Tech Center Magazine, summer/autumn 2013
  • Active in the HEI ICI programme, HAMKinSpire 1/2013, p. 14


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