Outcomes of BOOST

Although capacity building is a long-term process, we are able to recognise changes and develop steps towards the goal. Here you can learn of the outcomes of the BOOST project in Vietnam.

Quality of eLearning infrastructure

Investments in ICT equipment were made in December 2013. This has improved the quality of the eLearning infrastructure. Tools for mobile learning were also acquired. Tablet devices were unavailable before the investments.

Teachers’ skills of web-based pedagogy

The teachers have a better understanding of web-based learning and teaching. They have the skills to plan and implement eLearning courses for the students at QTTTC. The teachers have developed altogether 14 eLearning courses and some of the courses have been in the piloting phase since 2013.

Awareness of the role of partnerships

The personnel of QTTTC have a better understanding of the role of partnerships in order to develop education and programmes. In addition, the aspect of regional development is connected with the development of partnerships and networks. The visits to companies and one of the districts have raised the awareness of the personnel.


Proceedings. The summing-up conference on the project. ISBN 9 786049 032899 in Vietnamese and English, total 354 pages.

Activities during the BOOST project

BOOST activities during the months and years in a circle shap. Development of ICTE, partnerships and learning at work, self-evaluation of QTTTC

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  • Active in the HEI ICI programme, HAMKinSpire 1/2013, p. 14


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