JAMK's Teacher Education College has further developed education in Vietnam since the 1990s through various projects. Our ongoing development project is Building Open Opportunities for Students and Teachers in Vietnam (BOOST). On this site, you can read what BOOST project is up to and how our cooperation is overall.

What do we BOOST?

Building Open Opportunities for Students and Teachers in Vietnam, which is also known as the BOOST project, supports the development of eLearning at the Quang Tri Teacher Training College by organising the training and mentoring of the personnel.

In addition, this two-year project develops the facilities of the library and invests in computers and other equipment. The investments make it possible for the students and teachers to gain better access to electronic resources and for obtaining QTTTC improved possibilities in order to provide online courses.

Secondly, the BOOST-project enhances building partnerships with enterprises, associations, and other schools. Diverse partnerships bring new learning opportunities to the students, e.g. projects that are based on authentic collaboration with partners. Furthermore, partnerships open a direct channel to QTTTC in order to obtain important information for developing the quality of education.

In practice, we organise trainings for the personnel of QTTTC and we mentor the development steps. We also welcome the students of QTTTC to the workshops. Their opinions and ideas are valuable input to the further development of QTTTC. More detailed project information can be found here.

Our BOOST project partners in Vietnam

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years of coworking

Our cooperation in Vietnam started in the late 1990s. Nowadays, we can proudly say that the Vietnamese are one of our closest partners. Or more like friends really. Together we have developed teachers' pedagogical skills further in our network which nowadays covers the whole country.

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Maunonen-Eskelinen Irmeli

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We provide teacher education post-degree programmes, continuing education courses, development services, as well as research, development, and innovation activities.

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