Earlier projects

Our project work in Vietnam started in the late 1990s. Below you can find information on our earlier projects Improving Educational Leadership and Management (2011-2012) and VIETVOC (1998-2002).

Improving Educational Leadership and Management in Vietnam

Improving Educational Leadership and Management (2011 - 2012)

Duration of the project:
1 May 2011–31 December 2012
Financier: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland, HEI ICI programme
Project Manager: Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen

The HEI-ICI project “Improving the Educational Leadership and Management Capacity of Quang Tri Teacher Training College” was implemented with good results.

  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK), Teacher Education College (TEC), coordinating institution
  • HAMK University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), Teacher Education College (TEC)
  • Quang Tri Teacher Training College (QTTTC), The main beneficiary organisation
  • Hue University College of Education (HUCE)
The purpose of the project

QTTTC has acquired the necessary educational management and leadership skills to, in a self-directive way, respond to the challenges the policy –level higher education sector renovation causes in Vietnam.

Result I:

QTTTC will have a strengthened credit-based curriculum management system and related quality assurance tools in place.

Result II:

QTTTC will have teaching staff that is acquainted with new pedagogical methods supporting credit-based curriculum implementation.

The main activities 
  • A baseline study (June–September 2011)
  • Orientation workshop (September 2011)
    Cooperation in Vietnam
  • Training programmes (September 2011–October 2012)
    • Educational Management Programme for the admin staff
    • Training of Trainers
    • Programme for the Teaching Staff
  • External Evaluation (June–October 2012)
  • Final Seminar (December 2012)

The project published a book about the development actions. The teachers and managers of QTTTC wrote articles about the changes and pilots that they implemented during the project. The book contains 65 development cases, and the total number of pages is 326.


During the two project years, we organised altogether 110 workshops in which 120 Vietnamese educators participated. The project also involved 14 experts who had 350 travel days. Hard, but rewarding work!

VIETVOC (1998 - 2002)

The cooperation started through the VIETVOC project from 1998 to 2002. In the VIETVOC project, financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, JAMK-TEC was the leading expert institution in implementing the vocational teacher education and teacher in-service training component with QTTTC.


The project published a book about the development work in 2003.

Vocational Education Development cooperation between Vietnamese and Finnish Vocational Institutes in VIETVOC-project 1997-2002. VET-TEAM. / Ulla Mutka, Christina Hoang-Sario, Leena Kaikkonen, Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen and Päivi Kukkonen. 2003. Ammattikoulutuksen tutkimusseura OTTU ry.

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Maunonen-Eskelinen Irmeli

Maunonen-Eskelinen Irmeli

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
Opettajankoulutus, Teacher Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education

More information


  • Education success stories around the world, Human Tech Center Magazine, summer/autumn 2013
  • Active in the HEI ICI programme, HAMKinSpire 1/2013, p. 14


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