Regenerative Leadership –project focuses on SMEs in Central Finland in order to find solutions in encouraging employers to extend the employees’ careers. The aging and shrinking of the labour force in the EU and particularly in Finland calls for new approaches in management and leadership. Organizations will need to search for ways to actively retain employees in their late prime or deal with the issue in other creative ways. Studies have shown that professional leadership and management practices improved the quality of working life and will help organizations to adjust to the inevitable aging of their labour force and enhance the competitiveness and productivity. Organizations need new leadership methods that take into consideration the employees’ needs in different career phases; early, middle and late career. Also different generations and career types in today’s working life create challenges to managers. The Regenerative Leadership -project aims to identify the challenges that SMEs encounter in these issues and find the solutions together with managers and employees to tackle those issues. Talkshows and Workshops are arranged during the project to enable all the participants to share knowledge and exchange best practices.

The project is executed in co-operation with Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics.

Regenerative leadership –model includes

  • Models and methods of management and leadership development in SMEs in order to extend the employees’ careers
  • Professional management practices and tools accepted and tested among managers and employees
  • Analysis of efforts and rewards that extended careers brings to the SMEs

Company-specific development programs and tools include

  • Identified development areas
  • Tools and methods which are accepted and tested among managers and employees
  • Common platforms and methods to deepen the interaction between managers and employees

The project is partly funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland and European Social Fund.

Time of the implementation is 05/2011 – 06/2014.

Further information
: Dr. Marianne Ekonen, project manager, Tel. + 358 50 409 8352, E-mail: