Innovative Village

The overall objective of Innovative Village is to enhance the service production in rural areas. The project pilots and evaluates methods for stimulating services in rural areas and finds new solutions to organise local services in target villages.

In this project the villages will learn from each other. The project brings together heterogeneous villages in local and international idea workshops. The project brings forth good practices and finds and tests solutions to produce local services jointly with local residents. In addition to the transnational objectives and tasks the project partners may realise their own local tasks in connection with the project theme.

There are five partners:

  1. A group of three partners in Central Finland: JAMK University of Applied Sciences, LAG Viisari and LAG JyväsRiihi,
  2. LAG Tartumaa Arendusselts (TAS) in Estonia, and
  3. North East Rural Development Partnership (NER) in Northern Ireland, GB.

The partners started their cooperation by organising a common study tour and start-up seminar in Northern Ireland in October 2012. Read the Travel Report of the Finnish partners.

Innovative Village Transnational Cooperation Project

Innovative Village transnational cooperation project started in September 2012 when all partners had received their project funding. The project uses LEADER funding. The project ends 30th of September, 2014.

Total budget of all partners is 380.054€ of which the budget of the common costs is 42.640€.

The overall objectives of Innovative Village

The project has four objectives:

1. To increase creative thinking in service production in the rural target communities.

2. To assist rural target communities to develop missing services, to negotiate their services, and to test a chosen service.

3. To connect rural actors internationally. To build new networks in order to find best practices and new solutions to service deprivation. To find best practices in local democracy – i.e. how the rural communities can best influence and negotiate with the service providers.

4. To involve villagers of the target communities in becoming active citizens.

The main beneficiaries of Innovative Village project are the rural communities taking part in the project. Thus the main beneficiaries can be said to be the villagers. Secondary beneficiaries are the holiday residents and visitors in each target village, and the municipalities, service planners and service providers of each partner area.

Steering Group

The project has a transnational steering group where all partners have their representatives. The steering group meets during the study trips, otherwise the meetings are organised through email and video connections.

Steering Group Members

Outi Raatikainen, JAMK. Secretary. Tel. +358 50 4120491. Email etunimi.sukunimi(a)

Tiina Martelius-Louniala, JAMK. Chair. Tel. +358 40 5797668. etunimi.sukunimi(a)

Andrew McAlister, LAG NER. Vice-Chair. Tel. +44 28 2563 826. Email andrew.rdp()

Arja-Leena Peiponen, LAG Viisari. Tel. +358 40 5026173. Email etunimi.sukunimi(a)

Pirjo Ikäheimonen, LAG JyväsRiihi. Tel. +358 40 8681113. Email etunimi.sukunimi(a)

Kristiina Liimand, LAG TAS. Tel. +372 7430088. Email etunimi.sukunimi(a)

Triin Lääne, LAG TAS. Tel. +372 5302 9203. Email triin()