Innovative Village Communities

The purpose of the project is to find new approaches to develop innovative and sustainable local services in rural areas. The project will work under Leader Axis 3: Diversification of the rural economy and Quality of Life in rural areas.

Innovative Village project enables rural communities to map their service needs and test new ideas. The project encourages innovative thinking, self-help and a ‘can do’ attitude and supports the developing of sustainable communities.

During the project specific project opportunities will be identified through the exchange of best practices. The project will encourage communities and statutory sector to adopt these where appropriate.

Innovative Village project will bring active rural parties together and through seminars and workshops look at the potential of developing new products and services that generate maximum added value in their local area. The project will also help communities to pilot and trial their new ideas and share the results.

Innovation in this project means either

  • developing totally new ideas or
  • adapting good practices already used elsewhere to the conditions and circumstances of a new place, or
  • applying proven concepts in a new and more efficient way. 

Each project partner has chosen rural service hubs to work wihin the project in order to develop a new innovative project previously missing in the village. The work will be done on the local level and co-creation is preferred whenever possible.

The collaborative approach will allow ideas and experience to be shared between different villages, countries and cultures, and the rural actors to become more international and capable of leading local innovation processes by themselves after the project.

Innovative Village project villages on a map