There are lot of modern technology solutions we could use more in health care and in the rehabilitation work and support clients independent life. This IP is for different rehabilitation and therapy professionals (students) who are working in the health care.

One of the general objectives is to improve in the long run the quality of life and independence of disabled and aged people. The second objective is to create and develop international network cooperation in assistive technology. This network cooperation includes also institutes and enterprises. One objective is to develop learning methods for example ICT tools in education. ICT tools can also be assistive devices.

This IP will offer knowledge and skills in assistive technology. The IP will include lessons, demonstrations and project works in internationally mixed teams. This enhances student language skills and c operation skills. Team work in small teams is important part of IP. Teams will produce a learning diary, which is an output of the IP.

This is part of Lifelong Learning Programme and Finnish Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) is supporting this intensive period.

Videomaterial from previous period

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