Project results are being created in applied research, method development and experiments as well as seminars and workshops. In addition to the Central Finland region, we cooperate in national and international networks.

Impacts and results from projects

The cooperation in the national and international networks relays our expertise far and wide. At the same time, it creates new information and competence for the operators in our region.

The form of the research, development and innovation cooperation is effective project work. We coordinate or participate in approximately 140 RDI projects on a yearly basis. The main sponsors are the European Union and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Business Finland. In the 2018, the volume of our RDI operations was 11,0 MEUR.

Scale up Academy

The project proposes to establish a new cross-European Scale Up Network, working across six EU member states, which will support 140 SMEs to move to the next stage of growth over two years. The profile of participants to be engaged will be senior managers of SMEs that have been established for at least three years, who have a clear ambition to internationalise and grow their company to the next level.

Robotics by JAMK

Automation and robotics are one of JAMK's six areas of expertise. The industrial robotics laboratories located on JAMK main campus cover many robotics-related environments and technologies. By combining the multidisciplinary skills in automation and robotics, JAMK provides testing and piloting services as well as simulation environments for companies and organizations.

REALIZE - Relieving expert shortage by attracting international skilled workers and developing employer's knowledge in Central Finland

The aim of the REALIZE project is to activate and coach employers in Central Finland in the recruitment of international talent. REALIZE seeks to promote and develop recruiting tools and practices related to the employment of international professionals and experts.


The GeNEdu project aims to renew nursing curricula through building capacities of the Chinese partner institutions to develop gerontological nursing education for future health care professionals to meet the needs of the ageing society in China. It is financed from the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2, Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 2019.

EATHEN project

Equitable access to higher education for students with disabilities and students from marginalized groups in Nepal


The project of “Circular economy know-how into Universities of Applied Sciences” brings together 19 Universities of Applied Sciences to develop multidisciplinary education in order to increase the role of circular economy in education and RDI-work.


BLOOM project boosts European citizens knowledge and awareness of bioeconomy research and innovation. It operates with stakeholders in BLOOM hubs that locate around Europe.

Artificial intelligence and data analysis

As of spring 2017, JAMK University of Applied Sciences Institute of Information Technology has put a strong emphasis on development and application of artificial intelligence and data analytics for various purposes.

Modernization of education system for nurses

Modernization of Education System for Nurses is a development project for the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The objective of this 2,5 year project is to provide technical and methodological assistance in modernization of educational system of nursing specialists.


Six HEIs in Teacher Education and six Educational Technology Designers are co-creating an evidence-based pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning. Culture for video-based e-learning and knowledge building will be established through experimentation in teacher education and VET-students in practice.

RDI2CluB and ConnectedByBiobord projects

Connencting bioeconomy developers around Baltic Sea region


ProInCa project, Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Services’ Transition, strives for solving the defined problems in Kazakhstan nursing higher education institutions and nursing practice.


TECIP - Teacher Educators in Higher Education as Catalysts for Inclusive Practices in Technical and Vocational Education 2017-2020


The international project prioritises for young people with special educational needs and disabilities, support for their transition into the labour market from vocational education and training and further education.

Biopooli - Future opportunities in biomass terminal operations

The future biomass terminal will have a variety of synergic activities aiming to improve profitability of related businesses. In Biopool-project new technologies and new operating models are tested and demonstrated for the future terminal.

Pelaten osalliseks

Aim of the “Get involved by gaming” -project is to actively use serious games in mental health rehabilitation in order to strengthen participants’ self-efficacy and sense of involvement.

ICRT Finland

The characteristics of Responsible Tourism are very generic; it is for destinations and enterprises to determine their priorities in the light of the environmental and socio-cultural characteristics of the destination. Diversity, transparency and respect are core values.


In the PROCEED! project (2015–2016), we bring the competence of university students from different fields and cultures for use by the area’s companies. Pilots involve over 10 companies.

Diploma of Higher Education

Diploma of Higher Education is a pilot project carried out in Finland by JAMK University of Applied Sciences in 2013-2016.


Osuva research project gives new insight on collaborative innovation management and how the collaborative innovations can be supported in social and health care sector.

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Cooperation in international networks

  • Reshaped Partnerships for Competitiveness and Innovation Potentials in Mechanical Engineering (RepCi)
  • BioEconomy Regional Strategy Toolkit (BERST)
  • Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies (E3M)


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