Project results are being created in applied research, method development and experiments as well as seminars and workshops. In addition to the Central Finland region, we cooperate in national and international networks.

Impacts and results from projects

The cooperation in the national and international networks relays our expertise far and wide. At the same time, it creates new information and competence for the operators in our region.

The form of the research, development and innovation cooperation is effective project work. We coordinate or participate in approximately 120 RDI projects on a yearly basis. The main sponsors are the European Union and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes. In the 2014, the volume of our RDI operations was MEUR 9,2.

Cooperation in international networks


Contact information

Malinen Heikki

Vararehtori, Vice Rector
Konsernin hallinto, Administration
Hallinto, Administration

Moilanen Petri

T&K-päällikkö, R&D Manager
Kehittämispalvelut, Research and Development
Hallinto, Administration

Kaikkonen Leena

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
AOKK Hallinto, Administration
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Teacher Education College

Martelius-Louniala Tiina

T&K-päällikkö, R&D Manager
LIKE T&K, Research and Development
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Pellinen Aimo

T&K-päällikkö, R&D Manager
IT, Institute of Information Technology
Teknologia, School of Technology

Äänismaa Pekka

Johtaja, Director
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology