Below You can find more information on JAMK’s Publications series and Online Magazines. The publications are authored by our specialists, as well as our partners and students. You can purchase the publications at our online store. You can also read open access -publications for free online whenever you want.  

Open Access Magazines

Export of Education by Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences

This publication gathers UASs’ experiences of education export so far, while also providing ideas regarding future aims and expectations for operations in the field. The articles have been drawn up by 52 education experts representing 13 Finnish UASs, as well as their important interest groups and cooperation partners.

Enhancing Excellence of Education in Egypt

The overall aim of the Egyptian Twinning project described here was to strengthen the institutional and technical capacity of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) in line with the relevant European best practices.

Open and Distance Learning

This publication focuses on the development of open and distance learning at Tribhuvan University in Nepal, in which there was a need to establish a new mode of learning for the population that is working.

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