The institute of Rehabilitation has five multidisciplinary expert groups which works with topical and globally important rehabilitation themes.

Expert groups carry out a wide range of training and education, development projects and research

Digital rehabilitation and guidance

Digital rehabilitation and guidenance group of experts builds expertise related to use of technology and digitalization in improving well-being and addressing rehabilitation needs. Their core area of expertise includes digitally driven and managed rehabilitation processes and guidance, where they strive to lead the way in use of artificial intelligence-powered rehabilitation methods and environments. Overall effort is based on visioning the future, thinking big and continuously developing competences, as well as mapping and understanding the possibilities of new and emerging technologies.

Older people's agency and home-based rehabilitation​

Older people's agency and home-based rehabilitation group of experts identifies and responds to specific needs of older people in maintaining and promoting their well-being, independent living and everyday life in general. They carry out a wide range of education, development projects and research. In all their activities, age understanding is promoted.

Work well-being and vocational rehabilitation​

Work well-being and vocational rehabilitation group of experts is interested in the factors and support measures that affect the well-being and ability to work of those in employment and jobseekers, as well as the change in working life. They look at these themes at different levels, including preventive action, supporting well-being and ability to work, job retention.

Active life and exercise rehabilitation

Active life and excercise rehabilitation group of experts is interested in promoting the active life and its impact on people’s well-being and quality of life.

Service paths and client guidance

Service paths and client guidance group of experts is interested in the multi-sectoral and customer-oriented development of customer and service guidance practices as well as the service paths of various customers using social, health, rehabilitation and employment services. A key part of the activities of the expert group is the production and sharing of current research data and experiential knowledge both within the expert group and in degree training and in-service training.

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Tammelin Mia

Tammelin Mia

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
HYVI Kuntoutus- ja sosiaaliala, Rehabilitation and Social Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
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