Future competence for health care professionals

Fast growing megatrends, including but not limited to; changes in demographics and economies, digitalization and technical developments etc., are rapidly changing our societies. Megatrends are forces that have a considerable impact to our lives at various levels from personal life to the world of work.

Due to the demographic changes caused by aging, demand for healthcare expenditures has been increased dramatically and subsequently financial resources become scarcer in health and social sector. Hence, the working environments in health and social sector are facing to more economic and financial challenges and solving these challenges is the very first target of all megatrends.

According to OECD, digitalization and rapid development in technology are the key megatrends influencing working life in 2020. These two drivers are also key forces influencing health and social sector with direct impact to various health care environments.

Master level Summer School by the School of Health and Social Studies focuses in the future health care environments influenced by the megatrends. Economic Assessment in Healthcare, Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Ethics in health and social sector are some of the key concepts to be mastered by health care professionals.


Programme of the week

The course will be organised in June 2021.

Experience Finnish nature, sauna and whitewater rafting!

On Tuesday evening, 2nd of June, Summer School students will visit beautiful Varjola which is located by the foaming waters of Kuusa, about 45 minutes' drive from Jyväskylä.

During the Varjola evening, students will experience Finnish nature and sauna. Remember to take a towel, a swimsuit and warm clothing with you. Traditional Finnish evening snack of sausages and salads is served by the campfire. Students are also offered an opportunity to experience whitewater rafting at own cost of 20 euros / person which is paid in cash upon arrival to Varjola.

Whitewater rafting

In summertime, shooting the rapids with a rubber boat through the foaming waters of Kuusa gets your blood going! Rapids of Kuusa which floats just next to Varjola offer extremely good rapid rafting conditions in these levels of Finland. You don´t have to travel in northern Finland to enjoy good whitewater adeventures. There is also channel of Kuusa which helps us to go upstream. The rafting boats are large rubber boats and consists places for 8 person at the same time. Each raft has a skipper who has passed a skipper´s test and knows rapids well. The rafting package includes equipment (rubber boots, raincoat and -trousers, life vest, helmet). The activity lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Administration fee

€ 300/student for Jamk partners. Administration fee includes course programme, administration and tutoring.


Jyväskylä offers different types of accommodation to suit varying preferences and budgets. Below you will find some recommendations. Please note that the rates are subject to availability.

Forenom Hostel Jyväskylä

Please find the JAMK Summer School rates and discount codes below to make the reservation online.

  • Private Double Room with Shared bathroom for one person, 45€/night. Use online reservation discount code HYVI2020MINI.
  • Private Twin Room with Shared bathroom for two persons, 60€/night. Use online reservation discount code HYVI2020TWIN.

Rates include bedsheet, cleaning at the end of the stay and wi-fi connection. Also spa and sauna is in free use during the stay.

Hotel Milton

Please find JAMK Summer School rates behind the link.

The Local Culture Hostel & Café

For the online reservations of over six nights, please use the discount code JAMKSS2020 to get the summer school rates (-15 %).

Other hotels / hostels in Jyväskylä


JAMK does not provide any insurance. Students coming to JAMK from abroad must take adequate insurance covering:

  • medical
  • liability
  • property
  • accident
  • repatriation in case of accidental death

If you are travelling outside of Finland as well, be sure that your insurance is valid in the countries you are visiting. It would be a good idea to check if your vaccinations are up to date (Tetanus etc.).

How to apply? The course will be organised in June 2021.

Contact information

Lahdenperä Emilia

Lahdenperä Emilia

Tuntiopettaja, Lecturer
HYVI Terveysala, Health Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
Ylänen Suvi

Ylänen Suvi

Koulutussuunnittelija, Education Planner
HYVI Hallinto, Administration
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
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