New insights to analyzing COVID-19

This Bacherlor's level course is offered by JAMK School of Health and Social Studies and it provides students a new insight to analyzing the essential factors and strategies that affect COVID-19 pandemic prevention and management in both national and global levels.

The students learn to analyze the impacts of adoption strategies of prevention and management of corona pandemic in both national and global levels. They master the analysis of pandemic severity due to patient hospitalizations and mortality as well as estimating the needed medical staffing in the peak of pandemic among different healthcare systems in a cross-national data analysis. The students are able to plan and implement comparative analysis of the burden of corona pandemic between developed countries with considering the determinant factors like social distancing and the level of infection monitoring due to coronavirus testing.


Finland story of Europe's success fight with COVID-19

As a part of this course, we go through the Finland secrets of successful dealing with COVID-19 pandemic management and prevention. We study the story of how the country can now be seen as Europe's success story in tackling COVID-19 with mortality and infection rates falling and a positive approach by people to restrictions and proper social distancing.

While millions of people across European countries have been faced to lockdown measures to tackle the resurging of coronavirus, Finland is resisting the trend of COVID-19 infection with implementing an effective track-and-trace system preventing the need of a new lockdown. On the next-door Sweden has done much attention in a light-touch model to response the pandemic, while Finland has considerably success to keep the level of coronavirus infection five times below the EU average and the country reduced the number of deaths per capita as one-tenth of its Scandinavian neighbor. In addition, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Finland has been much lower than its neighbors in Nordic region, Europe and Asia.

Check Finland's COVID-19 situation from the pages of Finnish institute of health and welfare and apply to the course to learn more!


Course programme

The online course will be organised 31 May - 4 June 2021. Detailed course schedule will be published soon.


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Amiri Arshia

Amiri Arshia

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