Towards innovative digitalization

Did you know that by 2020 the use of mobile devices is likely to rise close to three billion? In Finland, for instance, the average age for digital gamers is around 40 years. Globally, there is a growing need to develop innovative, digital working methods in social and health care sector utilizing gamification and various mobile methods to meet the evolving needs of todays’ clients and the working life. At the same time, professionals need to understand the questions, threats and possibilities brought by digitalization.

The master level Summer School organized by the School of Health and Social Studies focuses on building expertise in digitalization in health care and social services. During the intensive week participants also have the opportunity to test and try digital tools to gain knowledge and ideas how to apply digital methods in their field of expertise.


To get an insight into digital methods, their meaning and usage in the working life.

To recognize the effects and potentialities of digitalization and reflect on the research evidence in a critical manner. In addition, cyber security and privacy protection issues in digital services are introduced by field specialists.


Digital Expertise in Social and Health Care Services_Summer School Programme 2018.pdf

In case you are participating the evening programme at Varjola on (Monday June 4), please take a swimwear and towel with you. There is possibility to go to Sauna and swim in the lake. For the dinner, there will be salads and sausages (also vegeterian option available) served. Special diets are to be informed to courses.health@jamk.fi by May 25. Please take some money/credit card with you in case you wish to buy some drinks.

The course lecturer will contact the participants shortly for more information and instructions.



There is a possibility to experience whitewater rafting on Monday (June 4) evening at Varjola with student's own cost. If you wish to participate whitewater rafting, please send information about it to courses.health@jamk.fi by 18 May 2018


In summertime, shooting the rapids with a rubber boat through the foaming waters of Kuusa gets your blood going! Rapids of Kuusa, which float just next to Varjola offer extremely good rapid rafting conditions. You do not have to travel to northern Finland to enjoy white-water adventures. There is also the channel of Kuusa for upstream rafting. Varjola's rafting boats are large rubber boats fitting 8 persons at once. Each raft has a licensed skipper with in-depth knowledge on the rapids. The rafting package includes equipment (rubber boots, raincoat and -trousers, life vest and a helmet).

Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour, JAMK price 20 € / person
(is to be paid by the student upon arrival to Varjola)

Administration fee

€ 200/student. Administration fee includes course programme, administration and tutoring.


Jyväskylä offers different types of accommodation to suit varying preferences and budgets. Below you will find some recommendations with Summer School rates. Please note that the rates are subject to availability.

Forenom Hostel Jyväskylä

Stay of over 3 nights

  • Private Double Room with Shared bathroom for one person, 49€/night
  • Private Twin Room with Shared bathroom for two persons, 65€/night

Stay of over 7 nights

  • Private Double Room with Shared bathroom for one person, 45€/night
  • Private Twin Room with Shared bathroom for two persons, 60€/night

Stay of over 14 nights

  • Private Double Room with Shared bathroom for one person, 40€/night
  • Private Twin Room with Shared bathroom for two persons, 55€/night

Rates include bedsheet, cleaning at the end of the stay and wi-fi connection. Also spa and sauna is in free use during the stay.  


Omena Hotel Jyväskylä

  • Room for 1-4 persons (despite of the duration of stay) 75€/night. Use discount code JAMKSS2018 to get the Summer School rates.


Other hotels / hostels in Jyväskylä


JAMK does not provide any insurance. Students coming to JAMK from abroad must take adequate insurance covering:

  • medical
  • liability
  • property
  • accident
  • repatriation in case of accidental death

If you are travelling outside of Finland as well, be sure that your insurance is valid in the countries you are visiting. It would be a good idea to check if your vaccinations are up to date (Tetanus etc.).

Further information

Punna Mari

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
HYVI Terveysala, Health Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
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MSc, Doc Candidate, RN

Raitio Katja

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
HYVI T&K, Research and Development
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies

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