JAMK Summer School is a unique combination of high-quality academic content and a versatile social programme in the City of Jyväskylä surrounded by beautiful nature with lakes and forests. Central Finland is both an exotic and safe destination. We have one of the most advanced educational systems in the world, we invest in innovation and quality of life.

JAMK Summer School offers courses in higher education to anyone interested in studying in Jyväskylä during the summer. Experience our multicultural learning environment with students and faculty from all around the world in an efficient yet relaxed setting. Intensive programmes with lectures, workshops, student projects, site visits, and much more. Join us and make memories and friendships for life!

Fees vary according to the applicant's status.

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This powerful team of professionals from China, Finland and USA leads our Bioengineering @jamksummerschool ! Dr. Stephen Kelley (2. left) from @nc.state sais ”The Bioeconomy is a very exciting, and complex, topic. The details of growing sustainable biomass, and then converting these different feedstocks to fuels or products requires an understanding of complex engineering and chemical concepts. But if you then add on the constraint of 'making money' it becomes even more difficult. However, this is the reality today, so teaching students about the trade-offs of technology, sustainability and economics makes this a challenging class for both the students, and the teachers!” Dr. Kelley with Mrs. @anneli.kakko from JAMK and Dr. Yuzhen Zhou ja Jianming Xu from HNU. . #jamk #jamksummerschool #bioengineering #bioeconomy #sustainability #biomass #technology #schooloftechnology #jamkengineering
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Bioengineering studies @jamksummerschool has officially started! ”The group is truly international: there are students from USA, China as well as from Europe. And the main teacher this year is Dr. Stephen Kelley from @nc.state”, @anneli.kakko tells. Welcome and hopefully you will all enjoy your stay at JAMK! . #jamk #jamksummerschool #bioengineering #studying #studyinfinland #studyinenglish #engineering #jamkengineering
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Woohoo! Finally we got the photos from our closing ceremony! 😊 We sent the link with more pics to your emails. Don’t forget to answer feedback survey 😌☝️ #jamksummerschool #finland #jyväskylä #studyinfinland
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