Expertise Areas

  • Finnish innovations for lifelong learning and development of education systems
  • Pedagogical development for educational institutions
  • Consultative approach and solutions for developing teacher education systems and teacher in-service education
  • Capacity building in professional pedagogy for vocational and higher education teachers
  • Tailored further education services

Services and Solutions

Pedagogical development programmes for educational systems and institutions

A tailor-made consultative process including baseline studies of the current situation, capacity development of management and/or teaching personnel, supporting development work and monitoring for individual and organisational capacity building taking into account the needs set by the local environment (e.g. by labour-market).

Consulting on change processes of teacher education systems

Consulting and services e.g. in the areas of teacher and trainer competences, teacher education curricula, training of trainers, professional pedagogy, diverse learning methods and environments, roles of teachers and trainers, as well as functioning of education institutions and systems.

Further education solutions for teachers and other educational staff

In-service training courses, intensive programmes or thematic study visits (to Finland) designed for trainers, teachers and other educational staff. Contents of the courses may build around e.g.

  • learner-centred approach and learning methods
  • competence-based approach in education
  • working-life relevance of education and educational institutions’ cooperation with the wold of work
  • career guidance and counselling
  • inclusive education
  • digital learning
  • pedagogical leadership
  • pedagogical solutions and methods in practice.


Lehtonen Eeva

Lehtonen Eeva

Koordinaattori, Coordinator
Opettajankoulutus, Teacher Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education