Sustainable food is a multi-disciplinary programme aiming to develop the students’ understanding of the environmental implications of food production and consumption, focusing on correct and sustainable choices while promoting healthy nutrition and enjoyable food experiences. This programme incorporates several core issues related to global environment, health problems as well as megatrends including healthier and responsible lifestyle.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of three modules 20 ECTS each: Nutrition and Health, Sustainable Food Consumption, and Sustainable Business giving a holistic view on sustainable food. Experiential learning methods are used, e.g. each module includes a study tour to a Nordic country and company visits. Corporate projects offer students multiple opportunities of international networking. The programme can be tailored both at the bachelor and master levels.

Nutrition and Health | 20 ECTS

Nutrition 5 ECTS

Concepts of healthy nutrition and dietary needs of humans, consumer guidance on nutrition, role of eating healthy and having balanced diet for wellbeing and health, food diary analysis.

Sustainable nutrition 5 ECTS

Linkage between climate change and nutrition globally, healthy and flexible food systems’ contribution to both healthy diets and climate change mitigation, malnutrition and obesity, importance of healthy environments and sustainable diets for a healthy planet.

Nutrition project  5 ECTS

Study tour, Finland 5 ECTS

Each module includes a study tour and company visits.

Sustainable Food Consumption | 20 ECTS

Food culture 5 ECTS

Food identity for an individual and a group, centrality of place and terroir in food culture, history of food and globalization, food traditions, Nordic food culture, New Nordic Food and diet.

Food and consumer 5 ECTS

Food consumption globally, alternative food networks (AFN)/urban food systems, international and local channels and organizations in food chain to communicate with consumer, nudging.

Food and environment 5 ECTS

Sustainable food system and chain, global environmental challenges,  final foods and their consequences , measuring environmental impact of food , food security.

Study tour, Denmark 5 ECTS

Sustainable Food Business | 20 ECTS

Sustainable Food Business 10 ECTS

Economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability in food business, sustainability as an asset and a strategic choice, future trends in sustainable food business, responsibility communication, social entrepreneurship.

Food tourism 5 ECTS

Defining Food Tourism , trends in tourism and food tourist’s motivators , experience products in tourism, special features of food tourism products: terroir and authenticity , locality and globality, business and regional development in food tourism.

Study tour to Sweden 5 ECTS

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Allievi Francesca

Allievi Francesca

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Matkailu ja palvelut sekä YAMK, Tourism and Service Business and Master´s Degrees
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
Väisänen Karoliina

Väisänen Karoliina

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Matkailu ja palvelut sekä YAMK, Tourism and Service Business and Master´s Degrees
Liiketoiminta, School of Business