Do you wish to develop your leadership skills, knowledge of applied contemporary educational management and innovative thinking?

Take a chance to study for 2 months in the heart of Finland, city of Jyväskylä and Hämeenlinna. You will be hosted by Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMK and Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK, known for top quality pedagogy and successful cooperation in Kazakhstan.

Programme: Internship Programme in Pedagogical Leadership and Management
Code 144T "Educational management"
Training type: Full-time studies
Length: 2‐month programme on 4 September – 27 October 2017

Kazakhstani directors and managers of educational institutions have a great chance to participate in our carefully tailored professional development programme in Finland. This 2-month programme is funded through Bolashak.

The programme covers key areas of contemporary theory, practice and innovations in the field of pedagogical leadership and management such as leading pedagogical paradigms and learning environments, leadership in school organisations and educational networks, cooperation with employers as the key factor of employability, Finnish education system from perspectives relevant to Kazakhstani managers and directors of educational institutions, strategies and practices of modern education institutions and modes of quality management and continuous development of educational institutions.

This programme is designed for directors and managers of upper secondary schools, middle schools, technical and vocational colleges and schools and universities. During the internship programme, the participants will experience the Finnish education system through cooperation with their Finnish peer colleague.

The applied pedagogical competence is developed through theory and practice in the field of teacher development. The methods of teaching and learning used in the programme will model the full range of skills and methods applied in Finnish education system. The programme is provided by Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMK in collaboration with Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK.

Why Finland?

It is hard to think of any better place for developing pedagogical skills than Finland. Finland is globally known for the high standard of education. Amazing learning outcomes in different levels of education are results of the quality of Finnish education system and world’s best teachers. In the highly respected teacher profession pedagogical qualification is expected. Furthermore according to researches, Finland is one of the world’s best places to live.

Our educational expertise is based on advanced pedagogical thinking and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Our teacher education expertise especially in professional pedagogy is one of the keys to succeed in developing education with partners all over the world. The learner, who in this case might be you, and learners’ needs are always in the center of our education.


This 2‐month programme will consist of a mixture of seminars, workshops, study visits, and teamwork led by experienced trainers. Programme will also include collaborative seminars between Finnish and Kazakhstani directors and managers of educational institutions, partnership schools and participants of the programme to share experiences.

The language of the programme is Russian and English (translated into Russian). Our modern learning environments and digital learning technology will be utilised during the studies.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of the internship, participant has developed their skills and competencies in:

  • pedagogical leadership
  • leadership in school organisations and educational networks
  • developing educational institution
  • co-operation with employers, enhancing entrepreneurship and innovations
  • quality management and assurance.
How to

To apply for the Bolashak Scholarship, please visit Bolashak website.


How to apply

To apply for the Bolashak Scholarship, please refer to the Bolashak Center for International Programs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to tell you more about the programme and studying at JAMK.

Requests for the detailed programme can be sent via email to

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