October is #alumnimonth in Finnish Universities of Applies Science. Let us know that you are our proud Alumni - and win!

Have you graduated from JAMK University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor's or Master's degree or from JAMK's School of Professional Teacher Education? Congratulations ❤ You are therefore our Alumni and a valuable part of our higher education community.

We have a proposal for some cooperation with us.  It would be great, if you wanted to let everyone know that you have graduated from JAMK!

You could do this in your chosen media (Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter) and, at the same time, help to make our world wide network of alumni visible.

There are two ways to participate – and win JAMK products

When you graduated, you may have posted your happy graduation moment on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Now, you can simply add hashtags to that historical post #JAMK, #JAMKalumni, #ylpeästiamk. This way you'll be celebrating Alumni Month with us and take part of the lottery, too.

Or, if you want to make a new publication, you can tell what studying at JAMK has brought to your life. Professionalism, good memories, networks, life long learning? Add hashtags #JAMK, #JAMKalumni, #ylpeästiamk and you're in the lottery.

Win JAMK products

One winner will be drawn on each platform. Winners will be notified in person. Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are not included in the lottery in any way. The rules of the competition can be found here.

Remember to make sure that your social media publication is public. And you can certainly make as many releases about #JAMKalumni as you want!

Register and read more

In case you have not yet registered as a JAMK alumnus/alumna, you can do it here.

More information about JAMK Alumni Relations can be found here.

JAMK Alumni Campaign Rules

Lottery organizer

JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Rajakatu 35, 40200 Jyväskylä

Campaign time

8.10.-31.10.2020. The draw will take place on 9 November 2020.

Participation in the lottery

The lottery automatically includes anyone who has added hashtags #JAMK, #JAMKalumni and #ylpeästiAMK to their public update on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter

You can publish multiple publications.

A publication can be either an old publication made at the time of graduation and/or a new publication made for this campaign.

In connection with the alumni campaign, one winner will be drawn on each platform (Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).

JAMK employees responsible for the organisation of this lottery do not have the right to participate.


JAMK's products are awarded as lottery prizes. Prizes can't be exchanged for cash.

JAMK pays any statutory lottery taxes.

The winner will be notified of the win by announcing it below the #JAMKalumni update and contacting the winner via a private message made possible by the platform.

If the winner does not provide their contact details for the delivery of the prize within one week of their winnings, the organiser has the right to draw a new winner.

Other comments

Participants in the lottery relieve social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) of all responsibilities. These channels do not sponsor, recommend, or manage the campaign in any way.

JAMK reserves the right to reject persons who have violated these rules or who may be suspected of having used dishonest means to participate.

The winner of the lottery shall absolve the organiser of any liability and any costs other than those mentioned herein a result of participation in, receipt or use of the prize. The organiser's liability towards the participants is limited to the amount and value of the prize to be drawn.