Bachelors of Hospitality Management can systematically develop the quality of tourism business and manage sustainable and profitable business in the industry. They can create innovative tourism service products and commercialise them. They know the special characteristics of services marketing and can sell services in a customer-oriented way


Study tourism and hospitality in English! Bachelors of Hospitality Management can systematically develop the quality of tourism business and manage sustainable and profitable business in the industry. Join us, your future starts here! 

 "Looking for a brighter future? Become a future professional in tourism!"

Bachelor Programme

The Bachelor’s degree of Finnish universities of applied sciences is based on the needs of working life. It provides the graduates with a higher education degree and a professional qualification. The scope of bachelor’s degree programmes is generally 210 or 240 ECTS credits, and their completion usually takes from 3.5 to 4 years.

Study objectives

During Tourism Management studies, the students develop into professionals in responsible tourism management.  Our degree programme creates strong business competence for international and constantly changing positions in the tourism industry. Throughout the studies students will gain a deep understanding of responsible tourism management, digital value creation, and creative service business. Customer orientation is applied with a focus in experience economy and service design.
The studies combine solid theoretical knowledge with diverse working life projects, event production and international study tours. The students utilise our extensive international cooperation networks and complete a part of their studies abroad.

Programme Structure

1st year, foundation courses

During the first academic year, the student learns the basics of business and the operating environment of the tourism industry. General transferable skills, such as language and communication skills, research and development competence, entrepreneurship skills and ICT skills also develop during the first and second year of studies.

2nd year, professional development

In the second year of studies, the student advances his/her competence in core studies in tourism.  International exchange or practical training abroad are included in the studies due to the international character of the industry.

3rd year, innovation and development 

Studies in the third year emphasise innovation and development competence and deepening the professional understanding in the student’s area of special expertise. 

Tourism is one of the strategic focus areas in JAMK

We focus on responsible tourism and business development. Nature-and well-being tourism are emphasized due to the location in beautiful Central Finland. We work closely together with our various stakeholders locally and globally in order to change the industry into a more sustainable direction. By educating future professionals, JAMK renews tourism business – in an innovative and responsible manner.

Responsible Tourism

The characteristics of RT as defined in the Cape Town Declaration are very generic; it is for destinations and enterprises to determine their priorities in the light of the environmental and socio-cultural characteristics of the destination. Diversity, transparency and respect are core values.

All forms of tourism can be more responsible. Progress relies on “all stakeholders taking responsibility for creating better forms of tourism and realising these aspirations.” Responsible Tourism relishes “the diversity of our world’s cultures, habitats and species and the wealth of our cultural and natural heritage” and therefore accepts “that responsible and sustainable tourism will be achieved in different ways in different places.” The Declaration emphasises that it is only at the local level, where tourists and locals interact, that tourism can be sustainably managed.

Read more about Responsible Tourism and the Cape Town Declaration.

The network was established in August 2015

The ICRT Finland was established in 2015 as an Affiliate Centre of the hub ICRT. The network welcomes anybody interested in Responsible Tourism (RT):  practitioners, branches and individual supporters.

The international network of ICTRs share a common commitment to the 2002 Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations and work severally and together to further its objectives. The hub ICRT is located in the UK and run by Harold Goodwin, Director of Research & International Partnerships, Hub ICRT. Currently there are 11 national Affiliate Centres round the world, e.g. in Canada, Australia and South Africa. Read more about hub ICTR

"Jyväskylä, very dynamic city of students! Surrounded by lakes and scenic nature!"

International Study Path

Tourism and hospitality business is international by its very nature. In addition to our own studies in JAMK you should deepen your knowledge and competences abroad. Our partner institutions provide high quality education. Here you can see some examples of our wide network.  Select the appropriate theme and destination, apply for exchange and become a distinguished professional! During the study abroad period students have the possibility to increase their professional know-how, improve their personal knowledge and skills and get to know different languages and cultures as well as make new friends and create worldwide networks that can improve chances of employment after graduation.

Network abroad

  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • La Rochelle, School of Tourism and Hospitality, France
  • Groupe Ecole Troyes, France
  • Humber College, Canada
  • Fanshawe College, Canada
  • Metropolitan University College, Copenhaden, Denmark
  • Hochschule München, Germany

After graduation

Bachelors of Hospitality Management have extensive professional competence: practical basic knowledge and skills and their theoretical foundation for working in specialist and managerial positions in the field, good communication and language skills.

Bachelors of Hospitality Management with a focus on tourism have good capabilities for working in managerial, marketing, development and sales positions in companies and organisations in the field of tourism. Bachelors of Hospitality Management also have good capabilities for working as entrepreneurs in tourism.

Corporate careers

Examples of job titles include congress manager, hotel manager, event coordinator, product developer, customer service manager, team leader and hotel reception manager.

How to apply during the first application period

The application period 1 (9 -23 January 2019) is intended for applicants all over the world. The intake is 30 students.

How to apply during the second application period

The application period 2 (20 March - 3 April 2019) is intended for applicants who have a possibility to participate in the entrance examination on 4 April 2019 in Jyväskylä, Finland. Exams will not be held outside Finland during application period 2. The intake is 10 students.

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