This study path will introduce you to project management with a focus on leadership, business and financial aspects. The study path is suitable for engineers interested in team leading, management or various expert positions in the field of project planning and management. The studies provide a good basis for project management certifications.

Promote your career and build up the culture of project management

Developing as a project management expert opens opportunities for new and challenging jobs and positions. You can work in projects in various positions like project manager, project portfolio manager or develop activities and processes of project planning and management in your organisation as an active producer of new skills. The studies also provide an opportunity for networking and exchange of expertise with student colleagues. This helps you to keep your skills up to date later on.


Enrol online 16.4. - 16.8.2020

Online enrolment is open from 16 April to 16 August 2020.

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Personalised study plans

Personal career and development discussions are conducted with everyone. The aim is to clarify one's career goals and the studies needed to support it. That way everyone gets one’s own study plan which has a schedule and content best fit for each plans and life.

The study path has studies common to all participants:

  • Leadership dynamics
  • Project planning, control and management
  • Project methods and tools
  • Managerial accounting
  • Researched-based Development

In addition, you can choose from the following topics according to your goals:

  • Scrum and agile project management
  • any master course that complete your competence.

A personalised study plan gives you the opportunity to choose your studies and direct your learning, development and career according to your own and / or your employer's needs.


Towards a Master's Degree? Apply 7 - 20 January 2021

This study path is a part of the Master's degree programme in Professional Project Management. In 2020 you can start your studies via the study path in Open University of Applied Sciences.

Study path studies allow you to earn enough credits to apply via the open study path and get admitted to degree studies.

Apply for the Master's degree programme in Professional Project Management via studyinfo 7 - 20 January 2021. More information will be published in autumn 2020. Stay tuned!

Multiform teaching while working

The study path takes the form of a multiform teaching that is consisting of online studies like webinars, videos and other online material, team and independent work. Most of the content you can learn anywhere and anytime you please. The delivery is designed in such a way that it is possible to pass the studies alongside a full time employment within a year. The teaching will be conducted in English. 


Study Fee

The study fees in Open Studies are: study paths 10 € / credit. This study path's fee is 200 €.

In 2020 courses at JAMK open UAS are free for unemployed jobseekers and asylum seekers.

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Korpivaara Päivi

Korpivaara Päivi

Projekti-insinööri, Project Engineer
Teollisuustekniikka, Industrial Engineering
Teknologia, School of Technology
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