Full Stack Software Developer education is to respond to the growing challenges of software engineering. Gain understanding of modern software development tools and methods and become familiar with the most important technologies and application frameworks. You will have capability to make software testing, and you will be able to design and implement secured software solutions, both for back end and front end.

Become a full stack software developer

Full Stack Software Development programme covers the main aspects of modern software development. You gain understanding of modern software development tools and methods, become familiar with popular application frameworks, and learn to improve user experience. You will also have capability to design and implement secured and tested software solutions, both for backend and frontend. You just need two years of working experience in the ICT field and motivation to graduate. You can complete the studies while working.

Apply in January, start in Autumn

For this Master's degree the application period is 5 - 19 January 2022. Remember to fill in the online application form at www.studyinfo.fi by 19 January at 15.00 (UTC+2). Please, do remember to read the admission requirements carefully. Good luck!

Study modern software development

The studies include all parts of the software development lifecycle from requirements management and service design to continuous deployment and maintenance by using agile methods and a modern tool chain. During the studies, we go through programming of web-based user interfaces to system integration and backend development.

Master of Engineering, 60 ECTS

  • Modern Software Development, 5 credits 
  • Data Modelling & Back-end Development, 5 credits
  • Application Frameworks, 5 credits
  • User-centred Design, 5 credits
  • Master’s Thesis, 30 credits
  • Research and Development, 5 credits (preferred) or
  • Management, 5 credits
  • Elective Master’s Degree Level studies, 5 credits

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What does a Full stack software developer do?

After completing the studies you can work as a software developer designing and developing applications by utilising modern software methods and tools, both for front and back end.

Job titles

  • Full Stack Software Developer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Back-End Developer

Solution Architect Jari Suni, Gofore Oy

"The lecturers were helpful and flexible with course assignments so that they could be completed in connection with work."

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How to study at JAMK

Studies consist of
• distance learning
• contact and / or online lectures 1 - 2 days / month, mostly on weekends
• independent studies
• learning in research and development projects and at workplaces

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Master's thesis

The master’s thesis (30 credits) is the core of the master’s degree. The objective of the master’s thesis is to develop and demonstrate the student’s ability to apply research data and use chosen methods to analyse and solve problems arising in professional work. It also demonstrates the student’s readiness and ability for independent, demanding expert work.

Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA citizens

The tuition fee of JAMK for NON-EU/EEA citizens are €9,000 / academic year for master's degrees taught in English. The tuition fee entitles the student to study and receive a degree and to use the normal support services available to students. However, all students have to buy books and other educational material themselves as well as take care of their own travelling and living costs. 

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How to apply

The intake for Full Stack Software Development is 20 students.

Studyinfo.fi Apply 5 - 19 January 2022 by 3.00 p.m. Finnish time Apply now!

More information

Huotari Jouni

Huotari Jouni

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
IT, Institute of Information Technology
Teknologia, School of Technology
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Cyber Security, Master's Degree

The objective of the education is to respond to the growing challenges of cyber security. Cyber security threat applies foremost to different mutually dependent data networks, like internet and telephone networks. This Master's degree can be completed in about 2 years through part-time studies, while working.


Information and communication technology offers work for skilled people. You may choose either gaming, cyber security or information networks and the study style of your liking according to your interests. JAMK offers education leading to a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business as well as to a Master’s degree focused on artificial intelligence and data-analytics, cyber security or full stack software development.

Study at JAMK.

There is demand for JAMK graduates: they have know-how, the right kind of attitude and pride for their professional skills. Being a professional offers you more choices in life and career. Your future starts here!

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