International and national agreements and guidelines as well as legislation push the development of education in an inclusive direction. The aim is to guarantee everyone educational equality and lifelong learning, as these prerequisites give everyone a chance to participate in the society.

Each of us learns differently. Regardless of the different methods of learning, education must be able to offer everyone similar possibilities to learn. Recognising one's own learning and working styles, and accepting and utilising them in the lifelong learning process helps create an experience of participation.

The development of inclusive vocational education means developing the entire educational institute; the special support the student needs must be made a part of the normal learning environment. Recently, the prevention of social exclusion through education has become one of the goals of vocational education. The preventive measures especially include the strengthening of the connections of education and working life, reducing the number of drop-outs and increasing students' well-being.

At the JAMK School of Professional Teacher Education, the focus of the RDI operation is to promote equal study opportunities and a healthy educational institution. We participate in and coordinate several national and international projects.