Working life cooperation develops both working life and education and serves the goals of both parties. The aim is to create multifaceted cooperation, build new partnerships and practical cooperation networks, and create innovative learning environments. Therefore, the goal is to try to come up with a new kind of cooperation culture and the practical operation arenas this requires.

The purpose of the School of Professional Teacher Education is to recognise and develop the competence of individuals and organisations. This task is carried out together with working life and other competence-developing parties. Among the parties in competence and learning-promoting cooperation are companies and other work organisations, support organisations and associations of working life and education, and representatives of research and administration. Another important partner are the people planning their studies and professional careers and those already practising a profession.

Key concepts

  • Competence-promoting cooperation/working life cooperation/educational cooperation
  • Professional pedagogy
  • Businesses/organisations
  • Development of work/working processes
  • Expertise/competence
  • Development/control of skills
  • Assessment and recognition of skills
  • Professional paths/learning paths
  • Development of specialist knowledge
  • Development of teachers' working life skills