The Fun is a unique chance to work on an interdisciplinary & international project in Agri- and Bio-economics for students from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Writtle University College & Fontys International Business school.

You study within one semester at 3 universities. The program will feature 5 weeks at each university and you. The experience in two places abroad will add complementary learning experiences to your personal & professional background.

Fontys’ focus in this program is Market research and Consumer Behaviour, Writtle’s contribution is about agricultural production techniques and management, as well as post-harvest expertise, whereas JAMK complements this program with a body of knowledge in sustainability & resource management.

During this module, you will develop – in small international & interdisciplinary groups – your own agricultural product. This new product or product differentiation will be based on fundamental market & consumer research in the Netherlands, Finland & the UK. The project assignment will be accompanied by an International Company.

Show your capabilities by applying your competences in a team of students from all different backgrounds & universities. You will get the experience of three different professional backgrounds & cultures within one semester.

Your lecturers from your home university will be available for you during the complete module & semester. Evaluation moments (examination) will be held at the end of each phase (5-week period) together will your lecturers from all universities.

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Student´s experience

"Spending this FUN exchange in a tight and multicultural study group, taught me a lot about myself. We spent a lot of time at school working on our projects but also outside the school we were travelling around the Netherlands and the UK. The experience and education I received truly made me more professional in my field of expertise but also more confident to trust the future and my own skills."

- Piia Tulonen, student at JAMK, Bachelor´s degree programme of agricultural and rural industries

The contact person in JAMK

Hakkarainen Mari

Hakkarainen Mari

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology
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I am working for profitable and developing entrepreneurship in bioeconomy.