Before starting the studies, you will be e-mailed a course letter, which contains the confirmation of course commencement, information on practical course arrangements and contact information. Please note! Study letters are often directed to spam, so please check your spam email as well and mark the message as not spam.

Things to do before the studies

1. Obtain JAMK username

Familiarise yourself with the guide to new network users, in particular with the Vetuma instructions on how to obtain your username. Obtain your personal username and password from the Vetuma service. The Vetuma authentication service is used with your online banking credentials. If you do not have online banking credentials, contact your open UAS contact person:

The username for new students is formed as AA + four digits. If you have studied at JAMK before, the username remains same (letter + four digits). You'll have access to all JAMK systems with the same username.

Vetuma service

2. Familirialize yourself with JAMK systems

a) Take the test to determine the entry level of your digital skills and familiarise yourself with the JAMK student’s digital skills material.

b) Get to know the online learning environments at JAMK.

c) Sign in to Peppi, Student's Desktop. There you can see your own information and ans schedules (on calendar click Own realizations button).

d) Read your JAMK e-mail (O365) for potential announcements concerning your studies. Your email address is:

3. Get started!

Distance studies are mainly pursued in the Optima or Moodle e-learning environment (see your study letter). You can access the environment using the JAMK username. The course environment opens just before the commencement of the studies.

If the course is implemented in Optima, the e-learning environment can be found at:

If the course is implemented in Moodle, the e-learning environment can be found at:

  • Log in to the Moodle environment. You will see the course an hour after you have first logged into Moodle. If you have already studied in JAMK's Moodle before, the new course will appear to you right away.

Log in to Optima Log in to Moodle

4. Study path students

Only for study path students: Navigate to the New Student’s Elmo. There you'll find your pre-assignment and the schedule of the orientation week. Download the Tuudo application as instructed.

New Student's Elmo

Info for new Open Studies' students

Watch the video to help you start your studies.

Right to Study

The duration of studies at Open UAS is determined in the course information. The studies must be completed in the schedule specified at the beginning of the studies. The user name will be valid for two months after the end of the semester.

If your studies are not completed, you will need to register for another implementation and pay the study fee again.