Enrolment periods in Open Studies - Semester 2021-2022

Studies take place in three semesters: autumn, spring and summer. However, the starting time and length of studies may vary. There are two periods for enrolments in both the autumn and spring semesters, depending on the beginning of the studies. The enrolment period ends about 2-3 weeks before the course starts. Remember to check the date in every course you are interested in, the deadlines may vary, though!

Period Enrolment starts
Autumn semester (23.8.-17.12.2021)
- week 42, contact free
3.8.2021 at 9.00 a.m. (Social services and health at 10.00 a.m.) OR
13.9.2021 at 9.00 a.m.
Spring semester (3.1.-20.5.2022)
- week 9, contact free
15.11.2021 at 9.00 a.m. (Social services and health at 10.00 a.m.) OR
24.1.2022 at 9.00 a.m.
Summer semester (23.5.-31.7.2022) 11.4.2022 at 9.00 a.m.



How to enrol in Open Studies

Choose the course or study module, that interests you.

See the course description, information on possible prerequisites and schedules.

Click the link to the electronic form ("Enrol to the course"). You will see the link when the enrolment has started. Remember to refresh your browser.

Fill in the form, choose the products and read the  cancellation terms. Mandatory information has been marked with an asterisk (*). Note! If you don't have any Finnish ID number, please use your date of birth: ddmmyy.

Continue and check the information you entered. When you submit the form, enrolment will enter our system.

Check the courses and products you selected and proceed to online payment. If you are an unemployed jobseeker or asylum seeker, skip this step and submit your certificate as instructed below.

After the enrolment you will be e-mailed a confirmation message. Before the studies begin, you will also be sent a course letter to the address you indicated.


  • The student places will be given based on enrolment order (if no other information given)
  • If you got to the online payment and it succeeded, you are getting into the studies
  • If you are waitlisted, the payment will not be invoiced until open positions become available. Those on the waiting list will be contacted by e-mail of telephone if study places become available. If the individual concerned cannot be reached within a reasonable time, the study place will be offered to the next one on the list.
  • If the online registration is already closed, you can still ask for free student places by e-mail: avoinamk@jamk.fi. However, please note the cancellation terms if you enrol later.

Living abroad? Note!

Most of the Open Studies contain contact lessions and require attendance in Jyväskylä, Finland. If you are permanently living abroad, please determine, whether you need a visa or residence permit to stay in Finland. Because open studies are not leading to a degree, it is difficult to get these permits based only on them. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Study fees

The study fees in Open Studies are (since 1st August 2021):

  • study paths 150 € / semester
  • course chains 10 € / credit
  • single courses 15 € / credit

The study fees will be paid online at the same time when you enrol. If the study fee is more than 150 euros, the excess can be invoiced. In this case, the invoicing charge 5 euros will be included. The one-time installment is always a maximum of 150 euros.

Terms and conditions of delivery

Please, take a moment to read the JAMK's cancellation terms (below) and online store terms and conditions.


Free-of-charge courses for unemployed people and asylum seekers

For now, courses in JAMK Open Studies are free for unemployed jobseekers and asylum seekers in Finland. This will last at least until the end of 2022.

Do as follows:

  1. Get acquainted with the open studies.
  2. Discuss your study plans and their possible effects on unemployment security with the TE Office.
  3. Enrol in the studies:
    • On the electronic form, check the box next to ‘unemployed’ or ‘other’ and write ‘asylum seeker’ in the additional information field
    • Bypass online payment (you can close the page in the online payment section)
  4. Verify your eligibility for free-of-charge education within a day by using secure e-mail. Send a security e-mail via https://securemail.jamk.fi/ to avoinamk@jamk.fi. Please enter the title “Certificate for free-of-charge education” and in the message section the studies / study module for which you have enrolled. You can verify your eligibility by using the following documents:
    • Unemployed jobseeker: Certificate of your jobseeker status in one of the following groups: 02 unemployed, 03 temporarily laid off, 07 covered by a service promoting employment, 08 in training. You can request a certificate via the e-services (Oma asiointi) on the TE Services website.
    • Asylum seekers: A picture ID issued by the reception centre – as an image or scanned document.

NOTE! Always submit a certificate when registering for a new course!


Cancellation terms (since 1st August 2021)

Cancelling individual courses and study paths

You may cancel your enrolment free of charge no later than 14 days before the beginning of the course. If the enrolment is cancelled after this, the study fee will not be returned. Non-stop courses cannot be cancelled free of charge.

Cancelling study modules

You may cancel your enrolment free of charge no later than 14 days before the beginning of the course. If the enrolment is cancelled after this, the advance payment (€150) will not be returned. If the enrolment is cancelled 14 days after the beginning of the studies, the entire study fee will be charged.

Common terms

The cancellation must be submitted in writing. Failing to start the studies will not be seen as a cancellation. Paying the study fee is a requirement for participating in the studies. In case of an illness, returning the study fee will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Cancel the enrolment

Please, cancel the studies always in writing by electronic form:

I would like to cancel my enrolment in Open Studies

Case of Illness

In the case of illness, in addition to the cancellation form, please send a medical certificate as a security email at https://securemail.jamk.fi/:

  • To: avoinamk@jamk.fi
  • Subject: Medical certificate
  • Message: your name and the studies you are enrolled for

Medical certificates are destroyed after verification.

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