Study Paths in Master's level - for whom?

For you who

  • aim for a Master's degree
  • have completed a bachelor's degree, but are not yet eligible for a Master's degree studies due to lack of work experience
  • you have not been accepted to study for a Master’s degree, despite submitting an application
  • if you have suitable higher education qualification, Finnish vocational college diploma or a Finnish higher vocational diploma
  • you are looking for a flexible model to study
  • you want to complete supplementary studies, but not a full degree
  • you want to apply for a degree through the open study path and get accepted without entrance exams.

Before Master's level studies, you should have a bachelor's degree. You can also have a suitable higher education qualification, Finnish vocational college diploma or a Finnish higher vocational diploma in the field. Vocational college diplomas were awarded mainly in Finland in the 1990s. When applying for a degree, applicants who apply with any other degree than with the relevant higher education degree specified above, are considered case-by-case based by their educational background and work experience.

You can start study paths in Open Studies without fulfilling the work experience requirement. The work experience need to be completed when you apply for a degree.

Why the study path?

  • The study path includes the entire first year studies
  • Studying takes place in the same group as degree students.
  • Master's degree studies completed in the Open Studies will be accepted for your degree if you later become a degree student.
  • You can apply through the open study path for degree programmes.

Through the open study path, you can apply for degree studies when you have completed 20-30 credits of Master's degree studies in Open Studies. The studies may consist of study path courses or individual courses - as long as they are suitable for the degree programme. Through the open study path, you avoid entrance exams and at JAMK, in general, all those who apply through the open study path are accepted for Master's degree programme.

Study path fee
150 € / semester

In the autumn of 2021, a study path fee of 150 € / semester will be introduced at JAMK's Open Studies. The full study year will therefore cost 300 €. NOTE! For unemployed jobseekers, laid-offs and asylum seekers, study paths are  free.

With the study path fee, you can study the courses included in the path and, if possible, additional courses during the study path. You will receive registration instructions at the beginning of the studies.

Study individual courses

You can take individual courses to develop your skills or aim for degree studies at a slower pace. You will recognize Master's level studies of the title "Master's Degree" in our course lists.

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