Open Studies allow you to take courses leading to Master’s Degree Studies. As is generally the case with open studies, you cannot pursue a full degree, however.

Master's degree studies at Open Studies are suitable for you if, for example:

  • you are not eligible to apply for a Master’s degree studies (e.g. not enough work experience)
  • you have not been accepted to study for a Master’s degree, despite submitting an application
  • you want to complete supplementary studies, but not a full degree.

All you need to do to participate in studies is enrol. HOWEVER – you must first check the course qualifications, previous knowledge and work experience requirements. Studies are accredited to your degree, if you are later admitted as a degree student.

degree studies

Master’s degree studies are a viable option for you if you are already in working life and want to improve and develop your competencies. Master’s degree studies deepen your professional competence and expertise. You will learn to apply research-based information so as to utilise it in development and expert duties in working life. Additionally, the studies will provide you with good networking opportunities.

A university of applied sciences master’s degree confers the same qualifications as a university master’s degree.

Study path or single course?

Study path studies comprise a larger study module, which is particularly suitable for working towards degree studies.

You may complete individual courses to develop your competence or work towards degree studies at a slower pace.

Enrol for the Master's Degree Studies via Open Studies

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Open Studies

JAMK Open Studies are available to everyone, irrespective of age and educational background. The courses are suitable for you, if you want to develop your expertise or are considering degree studies.

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There are studies from all the fields at Open Studies - see the courses!

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Required study abilities and planning.

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Register and pay online. The fee is only 10-15 € per credit!

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