Information and communication technology offers work for skilled people. You may choose either gaming, cyber security or information networks and the study style of your liking according to your interests. JAMK offers education leading to a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business as well as to a Master’s degree focused on artificial intelligence and data-analytics, cyber security or full stack software development.

Gaming, Cyber Security or Information Networks?

Study gaming in degree programmes of Information and Communication Technology (Media Engineering, Software Engineering and Information Networks as specialisation options) and Business Information Systems. From Information and Communication Technology you will graduate as Bachelor of Engineering and from Business Information Systems as Bachelor of Business Administration.

Information and Communication Technology offers you a chance to acquaint yourself with programming, processes of content production or with information networks and their maintenance. Business Information Systems brings commercialisation aspects to the studies. Whether you choose either of the degree programmes you will gain a high quality Bachelor’s degree and you will learn a lot more from the field of ICT.

JAMK offers bachelor as well as master level studies in cyber security. Bachelor level studies also include courses from other specialisations in ICT. Master’s degrees in cyber security, full stack and artificial intelligence and data-analytics are offered for ICT professionals who already have a Bachelor’s degree and working experience. You may also choose ICT studies among the supply of our open university which is public.

Apply in January, start in Autumn

Application period for the degree programmes conducted in English is 5 - 19 January 2022 via Read more at the website of each degree programme.


Open studies - Available to everyone

Open Studies are available to everyone, irrespective of age and educational background. The courses are suitable for you who 

  • want to develop your expertise or the knowledge and skills needed in the world of work 
  • are considering studies at a university of applied sciences and want to be familiarised with your future field of study 
  • want to advance your all-round education in your areas of interest

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Note! International students may need a visa or residence permit for Open Studies, depending on their citizenship. It is difficult to get these permits only for Open Studies, which are not leading to a degree. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service. Note also, that the studies often contain contact lessions and require attendance in Jyväskylä Finland.

ICT courses in Open Studies

There are courses available in all fields of study. You can take course chains, study paths or single courses. There are courses held in mornings, evenings and weekends along with courses taught completely online.  Pick your own!


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