Specialise as a music or singing teacher

You will develop strong instrument skills and obtain qualifications to work in both individual and group instruction in different operating environments of music education, including music institutes, music schools or your own enterprise.

The degree comprises instrumental studies, pedagogical studies, practical training, entrepreneurship studies and studies in music theory. We train experts in both classical music and pop/jazz music.

Our diverse instrumental studies include the Lied class and other chamber music, mastery courses, band clinics, choir and orchestra activities, workshops, bands and productions.

As a city, Jyväskylä offers excellent opportunities for completing the practical training that is included in the studies and for networking with the city’s various educational institutes, theatres, choirs, orchestras, bands, restaurants, youth centres, retirement homes, social and health service institutions and businesses.

The practical training also includes two years of teaching practice at our Practice Music Institute, where you can develop your teaching skills under guidance.