Would you like to work as a instrument or singing teacher, music instructor, early childhood music educator or choir conductor? A music educator’s degree qualifies you to work in a variety of teaching and instruction tasks or as a musician or entrepreneur.

Content of studies

Music educator studies are aimed at strong musical and pedagogical competence. Instrumental studies, workshops, musical perception and instruction subjects and modules that support creativity provide a robust foundation for developing professional skills – both in classical music and pop/jazz music.

The practical intensive courses, projects and productions make working life part of the studies. The studies offer opportunities to make new contacts and learn in diverse ways in different learning environments. The pedagogical studies, which can be completed in Finnish or English, develop the student’s teaching skills and provide general teaching qualifications.

Music educators graduating from the Degree Programme in Music Pedagogue have extensive knowledge of the field of music, a high level of practical musicianship and the skills to apply their competence in different changing operating environments.

After the first year of studies, you can specialise in one of the following study paths:

Practical training and entrepreneurship skills

The practical training of music educators mainly consists of teaching practice at music education institutes and the Practice Music Institute mentioned in the degree programme, among others. You can explore the work of an early childhood music instructor at the Musical Playschool Studio. Other typical practical training activities include various performances, project participation and management at schools and amateur theatres, for example, as well as organising events.

Student teams gain basic entrepreneurship skills through practical projects integrated in the studies. At the same time, students also gain the skills to productise and market their own competence. JAMK University of Applied Sciences also offers excellent opportunities to improve entrepreneurship skills all the way to starting your own enterprise.


How to Apply

The applicant is required to have completed either classical or pop/jazz -music college level studies or equivalent knowledge and skills which the applicant describes on the pre-assignment. Note that the application materials (pre-assignment and entrance examination instructions) are in Finnish language since the Degree is Finnish (teaching can be arranged in English language). There are no tuition fees concerning degree programme in Music Pedagogue.

Content of entrance examination


Max. points Min. points
  1. Instrument test 25 14
  2. Theory and ear training test    
     a) theory  15 6
     b) ear training 10 4
  3. Interview which evaluates suitability 25 13
Total (all examination parts) 75  

Opportunities for further studies

After graduating and obtaining work experience of two years from the field, you can continue your studies in a master’s degree programme at University of Applied Sciences.

The music department of the University of Jyväskylä, which functions at the Finnish Music Campus, also offers opportunities for further studies in music.

Further information

Kangaspunta Tiina

Kangaspunta Tiina

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Opiskelijapalvelut, Student Services
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Halme Eva

Halme Eva

Päällikkö musiikki, Head of Department Music
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