Below You can find more information on JAMK’s Publications and Online Magazines. The publications are authored by our specialists, as well as our partners and students. You can purchase the publications at our online store. You can also read open access -publications for free online whenever you want.  

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Entrepreneurship education Guide and Recommendations

This guidebook introduces the Start In entrepreneurship education outcomes produced during the project. It presents the Theoretical principles, the Curriculum content, eLearning Platform and Mobile Application.

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Achievements and Challenges of Open and Distance Learning Development in Nepal

This publication includes articles written by the TPP-Nepal project participants at each of the seven campuses that the project was carried out on. The articles posit very different stages of ODL development, but there are also some obstacles that are felt at all campuses.

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Does the tandem approach work?

JAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Professional Teacher Education conducted the research in the Baltic countries on the impact of the work-based learning tutor training, in which the teachers from VET schools and the representatives of the companies were trained together.


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