Automation and robotics

Creative solutions, efficiency and security

We help companies navigate and develop through automation, robotics, machine vision and closely related technologies. The field offers countless opportunities to increase production efficiency and reduce workload. Together with our expert and co-operation network, we have developed creative automation and machine vision applications for the needs of companies operating in different sectors.

The introduction of automation and robotics causes more than just technological changes. New technologies are changing the nature of human work in all sectors at an accelerating rate. Putting the continuous, flexible learning of staff at the strategic centre is key to future success stories.

In the future, we will serve actors in an increasingly multidisciplinary manner and become a part of international co-operation networks in the field.

Automation and robotics projects and RDI activities

We are an experienced automation developer. Robotics is the emerging specialisation of our business-oriented research and development projects. We work closely with companies, research institutes and higher education institutions in the project work. This co-operation enables companies to develop activities and create new products/services.

Pilots, testing, support and guidance for companies and organisations

We develop and produce expert, testing and product development services in the field of automation and robotics for companies and organisations, and provide favourable conditions for testing robotic technology in our laboratory and simulation environments. We also implement pilots according to the needs of companies in their own operating environment using the equipment and experts of Robotics.

We help SMEs deploy industrial, collaborative and mobile robotics. Support and guidance are also available for the management, communication and interaction of companies and organisations in connection with the introduction of robotics and automation of operations. For example, in the field of exoskeletons and co-operation robotics, co-operation in the field of technology and the wellness sector provides opportunities for the wide-ranging application of robotics. In addition, automation and digital well-being and health technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence can improve the performance and well-being of employees, as well as the productivity of organisations. Our aim is also to improve the efficiency of work communities and to provide tools for the systematic development of staff competence.

Global experts

Our students are closely involved in Robotics and promote their studies by carrying out actual design and product development tasks based on the needs of companies and other actors.

We train skilled engineers for companies and organisations in the field. In the many Jamk Bachelor of Engineering degree programmes, students study automation technology from basics to optional advanced studies. In addition, students of electrical and automation technology can select machine vision studies. Studies in robotics are available in the English-language Bachelor of Engineering degree programme Automation and Robotics professional. After graduation, the student can complete a Master’s degree once they have two years of work experience. Robotics can also be selected as optional courses in all degree programmes.

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Engineering, Automation and Robotics

Application period: 3.1.2024 - 17.1.2024

Study mode:

Full-time studies

Education starts: 19.8.2024


Study a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering, or choose Open UAS Studies in the field of technology at Jamk. Graduated engineers are prepared to plan, manage and develop their environment with a creative manner, seeking for new solutions.

For those who wish to update their competence

Jamk Open University of Applied Sciences offers training in automation and robotics from individual courses to larger modules. Check out the available Open Studies.

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Uudistuvan teollisuuden instituutti, Institute of New Industry
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