Intensive, three-week study tracks have been designed to challenge and inspire you in your business studies. JAMK Summer School includes lectures, workshops, get-togethers and interesting site visits. Each year JAMK Summer School gathers around 200 students and lecturers from e.g. Argentina, Canada, Singapore, the USA, plus students and experts from all around Europe. The Summer School is aimed at students from JAMK´s partner institutions and JAMK students.

Courses 2018 | 3 ECTS each

Programme Leadership, Communication and Scandinavian Tourism includes 4 courses of your own choice. Each course is 3 ECTS (except Concept Lab 6 ECTS). After completing the courses you will receive a Transcript of Records on the credits you have earned. Contact hours are between 9 am - 4 pm on weekdays. 

Studies are a practical-oriented alternative to traditional university education and give the students an excellent combination of hands-on skills along with a strong theoretical knowledge base.

Master's level courses

Jyväskylä, city of students

Jyväskylä has four beautiful seasons ranging from warm green summers to crisp white winters. The city, located in Central Finland, is surrounded by numerous beautiful lakes and scenic nature. Finland and Jyväskylä are safe places to study and live in. Jyväskylä is a city of students, where every 3rd person that you pass by is a student. The city is very dynamic. Take a look at the sports and cultural activities, not to mention the restaurants and cafés. One of JAMK’s international students was very surprised to get her lost wallet back. This can actually happen in Jyväskylä! Honesty is the hallmark of Finnish culture.

  • a pocket size metropol with a lively urban centre
  • all the services, shops, schools and work are close at hand
  • a wide variety of leisure and sport activities
  • a modern centre for industry and learning
  • cituated between lakes and hills
  • population 134,700

How Finland ranks?

More information

The Summer School Office is open on weekdays and JAMK staff is reachable also on weekends via phone, email and Facebook during the summer.

Korkia-Aho Risto

Kansainvälisten asioiden koordinaattori, International Coordinator
LIKE Hallinto, Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Lietonen Ani

Koulutussuunnittelija, Education Planner
Matkailu ja palvelut sekä YAMK, Tourism and Service Business and Master´s Degrees
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
+358 40 809 8391
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JAMK Summer School and the MTSU students visiting Moventas at Ikola factory #jamksummerschool https://t.co/yx4D8vRT6e
💭 Food for thought 💭 Neymar's €222 mil. transfer fee could cover JAMK's Summer School admission fee for 376.271 students. Too much? 🤔 #SummerSchoolvsNeymar #jamk #jamksummerschool #moneytalks
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