JAMK University of Applied Sciences arranges an International Summer School every year in May – August. Our Summer School is a one to three-week educational period offered both to our students and students of our partner institutes. In addition to various lectures, our Summer School offers workshops, get-togethers and interesting site visits. The programme covers multiple disciplines and attracts both lecturers and students from all around the world.

For an international student Finland is both an exotic and  safe destination. We have one of the most advanced educational systems in the world, we invest in innovation and quality of life. The City of Jyväskylä is located in Central Finland with numerous beautiful lakes and scenic nature. Jyväskylä has appr. 133 000 inhabitants out of which every 4th is a student which makes the city very dynamic. During summer Jyväskylä attracts many international tourists, not least because of the FIA Neste Oil Rally Finland and many designs by the world famous architect Alvar Aalto. What an inspiring environment to experience JAMK Summer School!

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Share your JAMK Summer School experiences!


I was super honoured to be picked as Humber International's Social Media Influencer for the month of June because of the photos I posted from my study abroad programme. Who knew that I'd get a gift card just for posting photos? Of course, I couldn't have done it without #jamksummerschool 😊 Thank you so much to the Humber International team! #humberglobal
i took this at 00:23, in the middle of the baltic sea #humberglobal #jamksummerschool
i took this at 00:23, in the middle of the baltic sea #humberglobal #jamksummerschool @… https://t.co/17bvpsBH8Y
It's been a week since i got home and i'm still not over the эрмитаж #jamksummerschool #humberglobal
It's been a week since i got home and i'm still not over the эрмитаж #jamksummerschoolhttps://t.co/JSzGATFq2X
What time is it now? Hermaaaanoooos time 😈 U can find 7 men and Ima in the pic 😂 Have a safe flight and Hasta luego bros - it will happen soon 😌 #peakyblinders #roundtable #jamksummerschool #hermanos #papa #mama #siii #carioca
1) Go to Saint Petersburg: Check✔️ 2) Buy myself the Flying Dutchman: Check ✔️ What a lovely trip! #JamkSummerSchool #TalentosoDiaries #GotMeAShip #TheFlyingDutchman #TimeToExplore
Who said young people only drink and party? On this picture , you can see how the Rounded Table and the Peaky Blinders discuss various aspects of life, at the same time as Imanol is going through his certificate in Creativity and Communication in Business! Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻 #GrandeFamilia #GrandeFiesta #JamkSummerSchool #SeeYouSoon #Titanes
kiitos finland for everything; seagulls, sunburns, white nights and so many memories 💙 #jamksummerschool #humberglobal #humberabroad
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