The publications made by JAMK staff are reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture annually, as are other performances related to the performance management of institutes of higher education. The JAMK publications register is maintained by the Library.

Which publications are reported?

Publication data collection concerns scientific, professional and popular articles, books and conference publications. Audiovisual material and ICT applications as well as artistic activities meeting the data collection criteria are reported, too. 

The publications reported for data collection must meet the following general criteria:

  • The author is connected to JAMK and this affiliation is cited in the publication
  • The publication is based on the author’s research or work as an expert at JAMK.
  • The publication is publicly available to anyone, either free or subject to a charge.
  • The publication channel must have, independent of the author, an editorial board or a publisher who makes decisions on publications published on the channel.
  • The publication has not been previously published in a format which can be reported on in the data collection system.

More detailed descriptions of different types of publications are available in the PDF document "Publication data collection instructions for researchers 2019" (see the link "Ministry's Instructions" below).

Publication data collection instructions Does the publication meet the criteria for data collection? Which publication type should I choose? Ministry's Instructions

Report publications - note the parallel publishing

  • Report your written publications (types A-E and dissertations G) to the publication data reporting service JUSTUS (link below)
  • Send the final draft of your scientific article at the same time you report your article in JUSTUS
  • Enter the information of the Article Processing Charge (APC) in JUSTUS, too. There are separate fields for the publication fee (in euros) and for the year the publication fee was payed. 
  • Report your public artistic activities (F types) to JUSTUS service, as well. (The staff of the Music Department can alternatively use the Excel template and send it to
  • Send the information of audiovisual material and ICT applications (types I1 and I2) in a free-form email message to List the name and authors of publication, the time and place of publication, a publication type and a field of science.
JUSTUS Publication Data Reporting Service * Report your written publication to the publication data collection * Also, attach the final draft for parallel publishing in Justus. Report your publication

Detailed instructions

The abstracts or extended abstracts of conference presentations or posters are not taken into account in the data collection, only full paper articles will be accepted.

Blog posts that produce new data related to expert work carried out at JAMK will be taken into account in the data collection and should be reported provided that the blogging platform has a publisher that is independent of the author and has an editorial staff that has more than one person. The editorial staff, author and the publication date of the blog post must be stated on the site.

Opinion letters are usually not taken into account in data collection. Only long articles requested from the author by the journal, in which the author represents their own organisation are taken into account in the data collection and should be reported.

The data of JAMK publication serials is reported by the JAMK Library. Remember, however, to enter your articles published in JAMK online magazines and blogs into JUSTUS.

Staff publication statistics

Search for the staff’s publication data from
Juuli portal. It contains data of the publications of Finnish institutes of higher education and other research organisations.

In the national Vipunen service you can find statistics on the publication numbers of institutes of higher education and their other operations.

JAMK’s school-specific publication data 2011-2016 can be found in the Tweb document management programme in Excel format (only on JAMK’s internal network).

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